How To Program Samsung TV Remote Codes? (Easy Guide)

A universal TV remote must be programmed with codes to connect to the television. The difficulty is locating the correct code combination from the hundreds of thousands available.

There are other ways to connect a universal remote to a Samsung television, but you will likely require a code. 0101 is the first code to try.

Guide on Programming Samsung TV Remote Code
Guide on Programming Samsung TV Remote Code

Don’t worry if this code doesn’t work! There are almost 40 other codes to test. The following parts describe how to obtain and even enter your codes automatically.

Key Takeaway:

There are a variety of remote codes for Samsung televisions. You may get a comprehensive collection of Samsung TV remote codes on websites such as Director, Codes for Universal Remotes, The Product Analyst, Smart Home Starter, and Universal Remote Reviews. These websites provide comprehensive information on how to utilize your TV’s remote codes.


There are several universal remotes from various manufacturers. However, there usually are two ways to enter the codes:

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  • Manual Code Entry 
  • Auto Code Search

Manual entry involves entering one code simultaneously, while Auto Code Search cycles through 10 codes simultaneously.

The automatic code search method saves more time, but manual code entering can also be effective if you begin with the most prevalent code. The codes should be in your remote’s handbook, but we’ll also provide a list.

What Are The Universal Remote Codes For A Samsung TV?


The Samsung TV remote codes below will work for all Samsung TV models.


  • 516
  • 738
  •  601
  • 858
  • 000
  • 523 
  • 667
  • 652
  • 420
  • 522
  • 043
  • 185
  • 133
  • 006
  • 017
  • 171
  • 515
  • 083
  • 060
  • 037
  • 333
  • 228
  • 110
  • 229
List of Samsung TV Remote Control Codes
List of Samsung TV Remote Control Codes


  • 0556
  • 1584
  • 0037
  • 0093
  • 0178
  • 1619
  • 0208
  • 0264
  • 1630
  • 0370
  • 0064
  • 1506
  • 0812
  • 0226
  • 1774
  • 1506


  • 10032
  • 10812
  • 10217
  • 10427
  • 10060
  • 10178
  • 10056
  • 10329
  • 10408
  • 11959
  • 10030
  • 12051


How To Program Samsung TV Remote Code?
How To Program Samsung TV Remote Code?

The universal TV remote can be programmed in two ways: with and without codes. Typically, these codes consist of four digits, but some include five. In addition, remote codes are uniquely designed for a specific TV brand or remote model.

The issue with remote codes is that you must attempt several codes until you find the correct set. Sadly, not all remote controls come with instructions, leaving you to your own devices.

Here is the comprehensive technique to program a universal remote control to a Samsung television using codes.


Verify that the Digital Television Adapter is operational and powered on.

  • Connect the remote to the television by pointing it at it.
  • Hold the PROG button on the adapter’s remote control until the LED light illuminates. Press INFO after that.
  • The remote’s pairing mode will activate. The indicator light should flash to indicate pairing readiness.
  • Enter the Samsung TV remote code using the keypad on the remote.
  • To determine whether the programming was successful, the television will display “Success.” This indicates that the entered numbers are valid and compatible with your TV and remote.
  • However, the television will display Sorry if the entered numbers must be corrected. At this moment, you must try a different code.


Let’s now discuss how to program the remote without codes, commonly known as the auto-search approach. This is a convenient procedure; the remote will be scanned to reveal all the codes in its memory. Then, it will determine the correct code for controlling the television.

Follow the below instructions to configure the universal remote without using codes.

  • Turn on the television you desire to program. Furthermore, check the functionality of the remote.
  • Click the device button on the remote for three seconds. At this point, the light on the remote should be blinking. This indicates the device is in programming mode.
  • Aim the remote at the television. The Channel + and Channel – keys are pressed.
  • Onscreen signals will be presented. Push the Up and Down Channel buttons until the device shuts off.
  • To validate the code, push the Power button.
  • The television should turn back on. Once it has been powered back on, you can verify its remote functionality. Change the channels and volume with the remote to see whether the television responds.
  • Press the Device button to store the code. The LED will blink twice to indicate that the code was successfully stored.


In addition to the universal remote, you may operate your Samsung television with a Samsung smartphone. Our team recommends this access option for its simplicity.

This is a beautiful alternative if you lose your Samsung TV or universal remote. Below are the steps required to accomplish this.

  • Download and install the SmartThings app from the iTunes Store or Google Play [1].
  • Launch the app after installation.
  • Use your Samsung account and enter the required information to configure the program. Typically, the phone is registered automatically.
  • Locate Samsung TV on the homepage and click the ‘Remote’ button.
  • You may now access volume and channel controls on your smartphone. Use the controls to determine if your Samsung television responds.

During setup, you must exchange your mobile device’s WiFi network information with the TV’s WiFi connection. Moreover, the TV can only be accessed with a Samsung account. Remember these before continuing with this procedure.

Universal Remote Code on Samsung TV
Universal Remote Code on Samsung TV


Utilizing a universal remote can simplify your life in the long run, but setting it up is tricky. While you will need separate instructions to connect your universal remote to each device you wish to operate, we can assist you with connecting it to your Samsung television!

While there are numerous models of universal remotes, there are numerous configuration possibilities for your new remote. Still, most universal remotes will connect to your Samsung TV using the below procedures.

  • Ensure your Samsung television is on.
  • Verify that nothing obscures the sensor and that the remote is aimed directly at the television.
  • Hold the “TV” button on the universal remote’s device menu.
  • The button will then illuminate.
  • Press and hold the “TV” button while entering the code 0101 (you may need to try other codes if this one doesn’t work.)
  • The power button should illuminate, indicating that your Samsung television is now connected.

Suppose you’re interested in learning more about the alternatives for universal remotes and, more particularly, which type may be the best option for your Samsung TV and home. In that case, you’ll find everything you need here.


Although you can attempt each code above, there are more effective methods. None of these codes will work with your older Samsung television.

The good news is that a few websites provide exhaustive lists of all available televisions and their unique codes.

Configuring Remote Code on Samsung TV
Configuring Remote Code on Samsung TV


Universal remotes are an excellent solution for operating your home entertainment system with a single, convenient device, including your Samsung television.

Hopefully, the 0101 Samsung TV code worked immediately. But if not, at least you’re aware of your alternatives so you can connect your universal remote to your Samsung TV without going insane!


How can I locate the code for my Samsung TV remote?

With the TV’s remote, navigate to Settings and then Support. This window displays the model code when you select About this TV.

What is the 4-digit security code for my Samsung television?

0000 is the default PIN setting. Please follow the procedures below to update or reset the PIN. These photos were captured on a 2022-model television. Therefore, the procedures and layout may vary based on the model of your television.

Can any remote be used on a Samsung television?

Remotes for different models can vary in price, but our IR remotes are compatible with all our televisions. In other words, any IR remote will function with your TV, even if it’s not labeled as compatible with that remote’s model.

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