How To Program RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV? (Guide)

This article describes the proper procedure for programming a universal remote to a Vizio television. In addition, a comprehensive list of RCA Universal Remote Codes for Vizio TV is provided.

Different Vizio TV models have 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit RCA Universal Remote codes. Therefore, you can configure any universal remote to operate your Vizio television and other home theater components. A Universal remote enhances your entertainment experience.

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV Programming

Because you can control multiple home theater devices with a single remote, you do not need to maintain multiple remotes. As a result, it helps you save money and time.

There are three ways to configure a universal remote to a Vizio television. Let’s study each of these methods before moving on to the list of codes.


There are three ways to configure an RCA Universal Remote to a Vizio television. However, before beginning the procedure, you must consider some essential factors.

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RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV Complete List
  • First, connect your television to a power outlet and switch it on. Check the batteries in the universal remote’s remote control. They should be active and presentable.
  • If necessary, replace the batteries by programming both devices successfully. Follow the instructions below to program your remote.


  • To power on your Vizio TV, press the power icon.
  • Press and hold the TV button for approximately 5 seconds on your RCA Universal remote.
  • When the LED light on the remote blinks twice and then glows consistently, release the button.
  • Enter the programming code for your Vizio TV immediately. You will need to attempt multiple codes before discovering the correct one.
  • The LED light illuminates twice and then turns off when the correct code is entered.
  • Now, use your RCA Universal remote to navigate to your Vizio TV and press the power button.
  • The setup is complete if your television acknowledges the command and powers down. You can also confirm by providing your TV with additional commands.
  • However, the television will not respond to commands if the code is erroneous. Therefore, you must repeat the procedure by entering new codes.


You can also program an RCA Universal remote with your Vizio television using a keycode. This specific code can be found in the TV manual.

Therefore, you will not need to input multiple codes; a single relevant code will suffice. Follow these instructions to configure the TV and remote manually;

  • Please turn on the television and aim the remote at it. Press and hold the ‘Setup’ button on your remote after pressing the ‘TV’ icon. The ‘Setup’ button should be released when the LED light illuminates.
  • Enter the ‘keycode’ and wait a few seconds at this point.
  • Now, attempt to power down your TV using the universal remote’s power button. If it functions, the programming has been fruitful.


There is a “Code search method” for programming your TV remote. However, only a few RCA Universal Remotes can auto-code search programming. You can accomplish this in the following manner:

  • Engage Your Vizio TV.
  • Hold down the “Setup” icon on the remote.
  • Enter the code “9-9-1” using the remote’s number pad.
  • Next, hold the ‘Power’ button while pressing the ‘Channel up’ button on your Universal remote.
  • Release the button when the television shuts off. You can switch it back on using the remote control. It indicates that programming has been completed.


RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV

You can program your RCA universal remote to control any Vizio TV. However, this will depend on the model of the Vizio television and the programming protocols used.

The model number is located on the back of your television. This will aid in determining the appropriate protocols to employ. Most of the time, 2-digit and 3-digit codes work, but if they don’t, you can add a 0 to make them 4-digit codes.

3 Digit Codes 4 Digit Codes 5 Digit Codes 


Auto-programming is the simplest way to program a universal remote from RCA. Follow the instructions below:

  • Using the universal remote, turn on the TV or device you wish to use.
  • Activate and deactivate the TV switch on the RCA Universal Remote. Now simultaneously tap and hold the Power and TV buttons on the RCA Universal Remote (the red light on the remote will begin to flash). The on/off switch will light up and then go out. The icon will re-illuminate after a brief delay; it should remain lit.
  • Target the TV with the RCA Universal Remote. Release the on/off and TV buttons simultaneously on the RCA Universal Remote.
  • Press and release the Play button on the RCA remote control. The television or component should power down after approximately five seconds. If there is no response, press the Play button repeatedly until the TV or other device you are programming powers off.
  • Now, press the button for reverse. If the television or other device does not power back on, press the reverse button repeatedly until it does.
  • Once the TV has been switched back on, press the stop button to save the programming settings.
  • The RCA universal remote is now operational.

If the automatic programming method does not work, select Direct Code Programming.

Program RCA Universal Remote Control


Automatic programming is only sometimes practical. Your RCA universal remote came with a codebook that contains thousands of TV manufacturer codes. Follow these procedures to use:

  • Consult the TV device section of the RCA Universal Remote’s included codebook.
  • Locate your television brand in the codebook.
  • Underline the possible codes.
  • When the TV switch is held down, the power indicator will illuminate.
  • Hold down the TV button while entering the code using the numeric keys on the RCA Universal Remote. An example code for an LG television is 11423.
  • If the power indicator remains lit, the code has been entered accurately. If the light illuminates four times, you must retry entering the code.
  • After entering the correct code, release the TV switch.
  • Test the various functions, such as the volume and the menu.
RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV


With any luck, you have enjoyed this article. Our blog contains additional informative and helpful articles. You can also pose questions about your televisions and other devices.

This guide has three methods for programming a universal remote to a Vizio television and the RCA universal remote codes for Vizio televisions. Keep in touch with us and stay informed.


How do I program an RCA universal remote to my Vizio TV?

Turn on your Vizio television manually, and then hold the TV button on the remote for a few seconds until the LED light begins to flash. Next, enter the programming code for your Vizio TV using the number controls on the remote, and then point the remote at the Vizio TV to control it.

How to program a universal remote from RCA to a Vizio television without a code.

Press and hold the TV button on your RCA universal remote while aiming the remote at the TV panel. Press and hold the “On/Off” and “TV” buttons simultaneously until the light turns on again. Hold your RCA remote’s ‘Play’ or ‘Slow’ button for five seconds.

Where is the four-digit code located on a Vizio television?

If you pair it with a TV, a four-digit code will appear at the center of the screen. Enter this 4-digit code. To validate the connection to a sound bar, you must press a button on the sound bar itself.

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