Can You Airplay Without Wifi? ( 5 Best Answers)

One benefit of using only Apple products is that the company ensures that all of its products, including its phones, tablets, watches, and Samsung TVs, function flawlessly to provide excellent experiences. When the internet is functional, everything functions smoothly. 

Can You Airplay Without Wifi
Can You Airplay Without Wifi

Despite numerous strong internet service providers, our service frequently goes down or is too slow. For example, what occurs if you try to use Airplay but there is no Wi-Fi?

Can You Airplay Without Wifi, you can use Airplay over Wi-Fi if you have an Apple TV and an Apple device, such as a mirror iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can directly connect a non-Apple device to your Apple TV to replicate the effects of Airplay in addition to Peer-to-Peer Airplay.

This post will go through how to use Wi-Fi-free peer-to-peer Airplay between your Apple device and Apple TV. To learn more about this procedure in-depth, read below. That way, you’ll be ready if you ever find yourself without internet access. Thankfully, Apple has made the setup process relatively straightforward.


Although it would appear necessary to have a wireless internet connection to use Airplay with your Apple devices, you can still use your Apple TV without one. There are a few steps to follow, but if you do so correctly, it is a straightforward procedure.

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Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; choose your AirPlay 2 Compatible TV from the AirPlay Status Menu in the top right corner of your Mac to AirPlay without Wi-Fi.

Choose it from the AirPlay button in the Control Center for your iOS device. Then, if prompted, enter the code.

If you ever lose your internet connection or if it is so slow that things are taking too long to load, knowing how to operate your Apple TV and apple airplay without Wi-Fi can be helpful. Follow the instructions below to discover how to operate your Apple TV without Wi-Fi.

  1. On your device, delete all Wi-Fi networks (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.)
  2. Wi-Fi network on your Apple TV should be forgotten.
  3. Ensure the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are turned “ON” on your device and your Apple TV (more on what to avoid when using WiFi and Bluetooth in our tutorial).
  4. Restart your computer and Apple TV.
  5. Your device and your Apple TV will recognize each other as devices that can connect as soon as they switch back on.
  6. Click the Airplay icon on your device and select your Apple TV as the connection option to start peer-to-peer Airplay. After selecting it, wait for the connection.

The first time you set up Peer-to-Peer Airplay without a wireless internet connection, your Apple TV could display a code you must enter on your device.

Enter the code on your smartphone to link it with your Apple TV and begin streaming at your leisure. But, first, let’s talk about how this all functions now that you have a basic understanding of how to put it up.

Stream to Apple TV without WiFi

Apple TV without WiFi


Peer-to-Peer Airplay is a handy function that can be applied in various ways, in case you are unfamiliar with it. Peer-to-peer Airplay, which can be set up in a matter of seconds, essentially enables anyone with an Apple device to stream video to an Apple TV without having to be linked to the same wireless network.

People with iPhones or iPads can connect to your Apple TV, exchange images or videos, or even stream music for everyone to hear, for instance, if you have a few guests over for the evening (our guide on using your smartwatch for music). 

This increases the interaction and fun factor of your event for everyone. The feature of Airplay is intriguing, but how does it operate?

Usually, Airplay relies on your wireless network to function while your internet access is active. The same wireless network is used by both devices, allowing them to seamlessly exchange data or stream material back and forth.

You must have Apple products, such as a Mac, iPhone screen, iPad, Apple TV screen 4K (on Amazon), or Apple TV HD with tvOS 11.4 or later, for this connection to work.

 Apple TV HD with tvOS 11.4
Apple TV HD with tvOS 11.4

You can always check your operating systems by going to “general settings” and then “about” if you are unsure.

Additionally, you can search for your particular model online. Given all this, you might ask what to do if you don’t already possess an Apple product but still want to stream entertainment to your Apple TV without a wireless connection.


To mirror screen, you don’t need an Internet connection, but you do need to be able to connect to the temporary Wi-Fi network that your devices set up to pair them for phone Screen Mirroring like in Samsung smart tv.

Can You Airplay Without Wifi

So you don’t need an Internet connection or a Wi-Fi router, but both of your devices should have functional Wi-Fi radios.

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the Airplay device feature if you have an Apple TV but no Apple watch product, such as an iPhone SE or iPad (available on Amazon). You are not helpless, however.

If you find yourself in this circumstance, you can still utilize wired internet to link your phone to your television. In addition, if you have an Android smartphone, you can use an adaptor cord to connect it to your television.

Be careful to choose the precise one you require because these are marketed in wide varieties. The cable must include an HDMI port on one end and a charging port for your smartphone. Usually, a USB-C to HDMI connection will be used.

usb-c to hdmi connection
USB-c to HDMI connection

This approach isn’t entirely wireless, which is terrible, but it doesn’t require Wi-Fi internet access to connect your phone to your television, so it will ultimately function fine. Just be cautious about buying the proper adaptor, as was just said.


Use these instructions if you’re having problems connecting your Apple TV.

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iOS device.
  2. Your Apple TV’s Bluetooth should be ON.
  3. Switch off your Apple TV. The LED light will begin to illuminate. Instead, you might need to factory reset your Apple TV if the light on the device starts to blink.
  4. Pick Apple TV mirroring from your iOS system’s control panel.
  5. Your Apple TV must activate the ‘Require Device Verification’ feature (Settings > AirPlay).

If it was unable to connect, try these things:

  1. Update the operating systems on all of your iOS and Apple TV devices.
  2. Restart your Apple TV and iOS mobile data, keeping Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on.
  3. On your Apple TV, turn on AirPlay. Next, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your iPad or another iOS device.
  4. Disable your device’s Wi-Fi network while keeping it turned on.
  5. On your iPad, you must “forget” the wireless network at home.

There won’t be any protection to stop unauthorized users from connecting to your TV if you use the same iCloud account to sign in on both devices.

You must enter a 4-digit PIN that Apple TV generates if your iCloud account is not the same as your current one.


Setting up a wi-fi connection between your iOS smartphone and TV is simple with peer-to-peer AirPlay. By wirelessly tethering your iOS smartphone to your TV, you may present to clients or coworkers with ease.

Connecting your TV and an iOS device to the screen in your car, you can also project a movie for the kids on a road trip. Still, there are certain disadvantages. For example, for Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and Showtime streams, peer-to-peer AirPlay does not function.

Even without an internet connection, everything else will work just fine. The best part is that Peer-to-Peer works with any content previously downloaded to your Mac or iOS device, including pictures, presentations, songs, and photos.

For a pleasant viewing experience, download and transmit content before launching Peer-to-Peer AirPlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mirror my iPhone to my TV without Wi-Fi?

The Apple peer-to-peer technology allows you to mirror your iPhone to a television. This capability comes in handy when you wish to screen share without a wifi connection. Remember that this feature is only available on Apple TVs from the fourth or third generations, Rev. A.

Can you AirPlay or screen mirror without Wi-Fi?

The sending and receiving devices establish a wireless connection when screen mirroring is done using wireless display technology like Miracast. Therefore, you can mirror your phone’s screen on your smart TV without a Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Does AirPlay 2 require Wi-Fi?

First, note that both audio and video are supported through AirPlay. Second, Wi-Fi is needed for AirPlay. In other words, you may broadcast video via AirPlay from one AirPlay-compatible device to another, including YouTube videos. However, to do so, there needs to be an active Wi-Fi connection, as AirPlay depends on it.

Does Apple TV AirPlay work without Wi-Fi?

Peer-to-peer AirPlay enables you to stream content from your phone to Apple TV. Without needing a network, it employs Bluetooth for discovery and a point-to-point WiFi connection for data.

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