Cox Router That Is Blinking Orange: How to FIX? (8 Ways)

Even the smallest problems with a quick, reliable internet connection can have a detrimental influence on our personal and professional life in this day and age where technology is quickly becoming a vital component of our everyday lives.

Cox Router That Is Blinking Orange
Cox Router That Is Blinking Orange

Such an issue happened to me when my Cox WiFi Router started blinking orange light and denying me internet access.

Quick Tips: If your Cox router blinks orange, it indicates a poor internet connection. You can fix the issue by power cycling the router, examining the cables, rebooting the modem, updating firmware, or contacting customer service. Resetting the router may also help fix issues with gateways and routers.

Cox Router That Is Blinking Orange, I didn’t have the time to wait for Cox’s support staff to find and fix the problem because I rely significantly on online meetings and lectures for my job.

I pulled out my phone and searched the internet for solutions when I saw that many others had also experienced the same problem.

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I’ve distilled all the information about this topic into this essay, and I’ll walk you through the various solutions.

Try resetting the router cable box, looking for frayed wires, moving the cable box, installing new software and hardware, and clearing the DNS cache before attempting any other fixes for the orange blinking light on your Cox network. Contact Cox’s technical support staff if nothing else works.

Video: How to Troubleshoot Cox Internet Issues

Troubleshoot Cox Internet Issues


If your WiFi isn’t functioning, you’ll notice that the LED light on your router modem light begins to glow orange rather than its customary green or yellowish tint. Each color denotes a unique aspect of the device’s status, flaw, or problem.

Reasons Why Cox Router is Blinking Orange?

You may check the status of your internet connection at any time by looking at the lights on your Cox router. If your Cox modem flashes orange, your internet connection is unstable.

A flickering orange light indicates that the gateway is trying to connect to the network and get you access to the internet. Still, a steady orange light indicates that the router has not been successful.

Cox Router That Is Blinking Orange

Understanding typical reasons for this issue can enable you to address it more quickly.

1. Cables and wires that are loose or worn out

The network problem could be caused by an improperly connected modem light or incompatible coaxial or Ethernet wire from your router.

Even if you are certain that the cables are in the right places, the issue may still exist because, over time, the interior composites of the wires begin to deteriorate.

2. Broken or inoperative ports

Check to see if the router’s ports have all of their teeth. A port missing one or more pieces could be the root of the network problem. You must buy a new router or have the damaged ports fixed.

3. DNS or IP Address Cache Error

The most frequent reason people’s internet connection is blocked is a DNS Cache or an IP address error. The saved webpage data on your device may be one of several causes.

DNS or IP Address Cache Error
DNS or IP Address Cache Error

Here are the several ways you can try to resolve the problem on your own now that you may have determined the cause of the router issue:

4. Restart your router.

Sometimes a connectivity issue might be resolved with just a restart. Therefore, try resetting the Cox Comcast Xfinity set, including the modem and router, before moving forward.

The proper procedure is to connect the device, shut off the power for at least 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

5. Look for service interruptions.

Occasionally, it could not even be your device’s fault. For example, there are occasionally service interruptions at the ISP’s end. So keep an eye out for that.

Here’s how to use the Cox website to check for outages:

  • Select the My Account Overview menu when logged in.
  • Select Manage My Equipment from the dropdown menu that just appeared.
  • If there is one, an outage will be indicated at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you could call Cox and inquire about an outage, though most people would choose the first choice due to Cox’s crowded phone lines.

6. Check for faulty or loose cables.

Make sure you hear the “click” cox modem sound when reconnecting the router’s ethernet cable by trying to remove it and then reinserting it in the appropriate port. Along with the ethernet wire, ensure the coaxial cable is properly attached at both ends of the wall and the gateway internet provider.

You are forced to repair the cables if they are broken or are no longer functional due to wear and tear.

7. Move the Router for Improved Signal

The router and the device may be too far away or situated in a region with a poor WiFi signal, which might cause the WiFi signal strength to drop. If so, try moving the router and device closer to one another.

Move the Router for Improved Signal
Move the Router for Improved Signal

Ensure that nothing that can potentially interfere with the signal is in the way of the router modem light and the device. If you frequently experience signal problems across your home, you can search for the best mesh WiFi routers for thick walls.

8. Update Router Firmware

The company frequently upgrades modems to guarantee they continue to operate at their peak efficiency to consistently deliver a stable internet connection.

The fact that your modem is still running an outdated version of its firmware may be the cause of your connectivity problems.

You can upgrade the firewall and improve protection in addition to fixing the connectivity problem by updating the firmware via the service provider’s website.


The more devices connected to your router at once, the more work is put on the router, which results in poorer power-light performance.

To strengthen connectivity, disconnect unused gadgets and close any unnecessary background programs on your devices.

1. Improve Your Router

It is worthwhile to check to see whether you are using an outdated model of the router arris modem that Cox provides. Unfortunately, the only option, if your appliances are outdated, is to buy a brand-new, contemporary appliance from Cox.

2. Delete DNS and Cache Records

Your connectivity issue could be caused by a DNS cache glitch, which is a problem that many people encounter. However, if the issue persists, try deleting your cache completely.

3. Reset the Modem

Here, we’re not just talking about restarting or rebooting the modem; we’re talking about completely wiping it clean and returning it to its default settings. To accomplish this, press and hold the reset button on the gateway for more than 8 seconds, or until all of the LED lights cable modems turn off or flash.

Reset the Modem
Reset the Modem

This technique also addresses issues with Ethernet being slower than WiFi and sluggish upload speeds.

4. Speak with the Support

It’s time to contact Cox’s technical support staff if you’ve correctly completed every step outlined in this article, but the issue continues.

They will send a technician to assist you or walk you through the solution when you explain the problem.


You now know the cause of your Cox router’s orange blinking and how to fix it. Do keep in mind that there may not always be a router problem; there may also be a fault on the part of the firm. A team of professionals will be sent out to fix any connectivity problems that affect the entire network.

Also, keep in mind that when you reset your modem, all data is erased, and it returns to its factory settings; you will need to set it up again. to only take a nap if necessary. If you must, keep in mind to make a note of your present settings before resetting.

Sometimes, just giving it some time and letting the business repair things will do. Your internet connection has resumed regular operation when the indicator on your router changes to green.

5 Easy Solutions To Fix Internet Light Blinking On Router [Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I solve my Cox WiFi that is flickering orange?

A connectivity problem is if the orange blinking light on a Cox Panoramic WiFi router stays on for more than 60 seconds. Replace the router connection issues (if old), soft reset the router, check for loose wires and signal interferences, or hard reset the modem to resolve the orange blinking light issue.

Why is the Cox panoramic orange-blinking?

The issue develops when this orange blinking light stays on for an excessive time, indicating a connectivity problem. Another instance is when the Cox router light alternates glow orange and green. This suggests that a firmware upgrade is ongoing. Therefore it would be better to just wait for it to finish.

Why is the orange light on my router?

A loose connection or damaged cable is one of the potential causes of the orange light on your router connection issues. Therefore, it is advised to ensure that all cables are linked securely and properly. Inspecting the cables for obvious damage or unusually excessive bending is also crucial.

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