How Can Old Satellite Dishes Be Used In Various Ways?

Since I decided to cancel my satellite TV subscription, my satellite dish has been mounted on my patio. 

Old Satellite Dishes Be Used
Old Satellite Dishes Be Used

The patio used to be where I could unwind and practice my morning yoga, but since the dish was left there and allowed to rust and collect filth, it has disrupted my peace of mind.

Old Satellite Dishes Be Used since I didn’t want to dispose of anything immediately, I considered looking into ways to save what was still usable. However, when I searched online for ways to utilize my old satellite dish, I found many different hacks.

After gathering all the data from various sources, I have produced a manual for anyone wishing to follow in my footsteps. Your outdated satellite dish can be reused as a birdbath, piece of garden design, high-range Wi-Fi receiver, signal booster, antenna mount, accent piece, outdoor canopy, or even a solar oven.

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Uses for an old SATELLITE DISH


This hack is intended for people who reside in locations where their phone’s signal satellite antenna is feeble. It becomes tough to make a clear phone call, so your old satellite TV dish will come in handy here.

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Just try making a call by placing your phone in front of the dish. The satellite dishes are designed in a specific way to gather signals from great distances effectively.

How to Reuse Old Satellite Dishes in Different Ways

Use your old satellite dish for something else, such as a birdbath, garden ornament, long-range Wi-Fi receiver, signal booster, antenna mount, decorative item, outdoor umbrella, solar oven, or signal booster.

Because of this, your cell phone would receive stronger signals, similar to how watching TV gives you a transparent screen. Additionally, you can move the complete set-up around the area until a strong signal is received.

Old Satellite Dishes Be Used

Although it may seem like a hassle to some, those who struggle to make calls with poor signals will value this tiny tip.

  1. Antenna Mount

You can utilize your existing satellite dish to install the new antenna if you have canceled your previous dish service and signed up for a new one. You could still have the lines running to your room, in which case you could easily mount the new antenna on the same dish.

Attach the new antenna old dish receiver otato your outdated satellite dish first. Then, pull the coaxial wire out of the dish’s back and connect it to the antenna transmitter.

The dish can improve your signal reception by reflecting signals to a focal point where your antenna is positioned because it is designed to act as a signal amplifier.

  1. High-Range Wi-Fi Receiver

No one would turn down having a fast Wi-Fi connection, and you can now get one with an old satellite dish you already have. Start by taking the antenna out of its location, careful not to cut the coaxial line.

High-Range Wi-Fi Receiver
High-Range Wi-Fi Receiver

Now securely secure the wireless USB Wi-Fi adapter in the place of the antenna. Then, using a USB cable, you can attach the adapter to your device (if Wi-Fi is enabled) or your modem (if Wi-Fi is not enabled).

After making all the connections, you must orient the dish precisely in your direction to acquire a strong Wi-Fi signal. It is believed that the wrath on the bandwidth increases to nearly five times as strong as the initial one.

  1. Long-Range HDTV

You’re in luck if you have a long-range HDTV over-the-air antenna that you can connect to your existing dish for free access to the service.

Long-Range HDTV
Long-Range HDTV

First, lengthen the section where the antenna goes by purchasing a long aluminum tube of your choice and screwing it to the end of the part where the old antenna was. 

Take your brand-new HD antenna and screw it onto the aluminum tube’s top. Position the OTA antenna as close as possible to the dish’s focal point to receive enhanced signals.

After that, you may be sure to locate enough HD channels to keep you entertained by checking the channels on your local antenna. FreeSat is a satellite TV service that you may get for free using an already-installed satellite dish, which is helpful in this situation.

You don’t have to pay anything to install a second satellite dish because you already have one. In addition, you can access up to 70 standard definition TV channels and 15 HD channels without a subscription if you have a compatible set-top box on direct tv.

  1. Garden Art

You can make virtually everything more attractive when beautifying your garden to complement the aesthetics of your surroundings. You can create yard art using an old satellite dish in several different ways on the satellite signals.

To begin with, you can make small holes in the dish and fill it with dirt to transform it into a flower pot. Next, the dish’s outside can be painted to add extra color and stop rusting.

You can paint the dish and retain it as a decoration to beautify your landscape if flower pots aren’t your style. The dish satellite receiver on can also be painted had holes drilled in it, and then hung from trees with ropes.

  1. Bird Bath

Nothing is nobler in the summer than giving some birds a cool bath. Additionally, you can modify a dish to serve as a birdbath if you have one hanging around that you want to get rid of.

The dish must be positioned upward and in an area where birds can see it frequently. To prevent the dish from being harmed by the water stored in it, ensure the entire system is waterproof and rustproof.

It would help if you did not use harmful paint to cover the dish, but swimming pool paint inside can stop algae growth. Additionally, periodically check for any leaks here or there.

  1. Decoration Piece

The old satellite dish can be decorated in various ways, both inside and outside your home. For example, broken CD parts can be used as dazzling ornamental elements by adhering them to the dish.

The entire dish can be painted to resemble an emoji, and it can act as a quirky accent piece in your home. You can also attach tiny flower pots or showcase objects to the inside of the dish to create another decorative piece.

The nice part is that you can always make the old dish more attractive no matter what DIY techniques you try utilizing coir ropes, glass pieces, glitter, marbles, etc.

  1. Use it as an Umbrella.

This is feasible if you have a large dish and you’re having trouble finding a place to dump it. For example, you may create a large umbrella in your yard by turning the entire structure upside down on old dish.

It might not be the most attractive umbrella, like the ones you see on beaches, but its aged, rustic appearance will still be noticeable.

It can take some time because you have to either weld a metal pole to the center of the dish or stick a plastic pipe if the material is plastic.

However, once it is set up and secured, you can have your own secluded area for late afternoon tea in the shade or a stargazing location at night.

To improve the area’s aesthetics, some people transform the area beneath the umbrella by planting flowers or adorning it with flower pots.

How To Get Free Satellite TV With A Dish? (Answered!)


Even though many businesses will accept e-waste for recycling, it is unlikely that the satellite dishes will be recycled. In such circumstances, you will need to look for a junk dealer in your neighborhood.


But make sure the item goes to a recycling facility that respects the environment before giving it away. While they may be quite stringent in terms of their requirements, several satellite dish providers, like DISH Network, are nevertheless trying to collect old satellite dishes.

To compare and check if you have what they need, you can get in touch with them and provide them with the specifics of your current model.


You may always give the dish away to another family who needs it more than you do if reuse is not what you have in mind and it is still in usable condition.

There might be non-profit groups ready to accept such donations and distribute them to the less fortunate. Of course, you may always recycle the satellite dish, even if you damage it while remodeling.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my old DirecTV satellite dish?

The dish can either be left where it is or recycled by you (LNB is electronic recycling, but the rest of the dish is just plain metal). I am not a worker; I am a customer. It’s a public forum here. Call AT&T at 1-800-288-2020 or DirecTV at 1-800-531-5000 for official assistance.

Can a satellite dish be used as a TV antenna?

A satellite dish can function as a TV antenna. Radio waves (RF) transmitted from a broadcast tower are “captured” by an antenna and transferred to a TV for viewing. Add components that will concentrate the RF signals hitting the satellite dish to view a digital TV signal using a dish positioned on the roof.

Can you use a satellite dish without service?

FTA satellite receivers are made to receive broadcasts transmitted using this method. The transmissions are not encrypted. Therefore anyone with an FTA receiver can access them without having a satellite television subscription. The dish acts as an antenna for receiving satellite communications.

Can a satellite dish be used for the internet?

A satellite is used to transmit an internet signal from your internet service provider (ISP) to you when you use satellite internet. Here’s how it operates: your service provider launches a satellite in space with a fiber internet signal. Your satellite dish then receives the internet signal and records it.

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