Why Does Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me? (Answered)

Is it a scam that Verizon Voicemail keeps calling me? is a common question right now, and it is critical that you read this before anything goes wrong.

When it comes to premium carriers that are widely used in Canada and the United States, Verizon remains at the top.

Their services cover a wide range of high-quality services such as internet, phone, text messages, and voice. This has been the enticing factor that has led most people to pitch their tenth with Verizon.

Furthermore, the strength of their signal is so strong that even subscribers in remote areas can use it. Verizon is a premium and widely used carrier in the United States and Canada.

They provide high-quality services such as phone, internet, voice, and text messages. That is one of the primary reasons why most people choose Verizon.

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Not only that, but their signal strength is unrivaled in even the most remote areas of the United States.

You can count on Verizon to have your back whether you’re sitting in a basement or planning a hike in the mountains. Their signal reception is flawless throughout the United States.

Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me
Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me


If you are a Verizon customer, you have most likely received calls with the caller ID displaying Voicemail on the screen. This happens to some people for a variety of reasons that you should be aware of.

There is no need to be concerned if you receive such calls on Verizon Voicemail. If you are using your account and it is working properly, that is fine, and you can simply call them for confirmation.

If you are receiving calls from Voicemail, there are two main possibilities:


Verizon may call you from a number that says Voicemail on occasion. The best way to tell if it’s from Verizon is that they’ll call you during business hours and never at odd hours.

If they are unable to reach you, you will only receive a voicemail, which you can listen to later if it is an urgent matter. They do not call you repeatedly, and you may only receive one or two calls from them if the matter is urgent and cannot wait.

Be aware that Verizon will never ask you for sensitive or financial information during a call. If the call is from Verizon, simply follow the instructions left on your voicemail or contact them as soon as possible for a confirmation and they will be able to guide you through the process.


Receiving calls from Verizon voicemail is normal once you’ve signed up for service. You will receive the call during working hours, not at odd hours, to confirm that it is from Verizon.

If they are unable to reach you, a voicemail will be left if the situation is urgent. They will not call you repeatedly, so you may only receive one or two calls if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

It’s worth noting that Verizon will not ask for any financial or sensitive information during the calls. If the call is from them, instructions will be left in the voicemail. You can also contact them if you are confused about anything.

Why Does Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me
Why Does Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me


Verizon is very strict about their customer service policies, and there is no way they will call you again. If you receive multiple calls on your number in a day claiming to be from Voicemail, it is likely that you have been the victim of identity theft and scammers are attempting to contact you.

The majority of these calls are recorded, with a recording at the start to keep you from getting suspicious, and if you fall for the bait, the call is then transferred to a live person who can ask for your personal information.

Because they already have some of your information, they can easily persuade you that they are calling from Verizon and that they want to help you.

So, if you have been a victim of such a scam or are receiving calls from Voicemail multiple times per day, you should definitely check to see if these calls are truly from Verizon.

After that, you must protect yourself from Scammers. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, including:



If they call you repeatedly, the best thing to do is to ignore them. Simply call Verizon support and ask if there are any issues with your account or if they need to contact you.

If everything is fine, you must report those calls. However, there is a chance that those hackers gained access to your Verizon account and messed up some settings, leading you to believe that something is seriously wrong with your account.

To avoid such scammers and keep your Verizon account safe, you must reset those settings and change your Verizon account access credentials.

Reporting it to Verizon will also solve the problem because they will be able to reset your account from any unauthorized access, restoring your account and fixing everything that is wrong with it.

Verizon Voice Mail Calling
Verizon Voice Mail Calling


These scammers will call you, and if you answer the phone by mistake or are unaware of the situation, you will be asked for personal or financial information, such as your credit card number, in order to reactivate your account.

There are numerous excuses they can use, such as your card number needing to be updated in the records, or there is some discounted offer they need to share with you and in order to sign up, they would require your credit card information.

Be aware that Verizon will never ask you for any sensitive information during the call. If they have hacked their way into your Verizon account, they may already know the last four digits of your card, your date of birth, or your subscription number.

However, you must never share any such information during the call. You must exercise caution in this regard and immediately notify Verizon of any such calls.

Your information could be used to steal your money or for other illegal purposes that you do not want and could land you in serious trouble.


While you can avoid receiving these calls, it is critical that you take precautionary measures as soon as possible if you are certain that you have received a scam call with your personal information available to hackers.

You must change all of your Verizon account login credentials. You should also contact your bank if there is a transaction on your statement that you do not recognize so that it can be corrected while there is still time.

You should also report it to Verizon so that they can block such callers and properly investigate the problem in order to find a solution. An Identity Protection Service would also be beneficial in protecting you from scams.

Voicemail Of Verizon Keeps Calling Me
Voicemail Of Verizon Keeps Calling Me


You are now aware of the necessary steps to take if you continue to receive voicemail claiming to be from Verizon.

On most Android devices, you can disable voicemail by going to your phone settings >>> call >>> Voicemail >>> Voicemail number >>> delete.

The ability to leave an excellent voicemail message is not obsolete. It is still necessary, particularly in the workplace. Use these pointers to stay on track.

You’ll soon wonder why you ever hesitated to leave voicemails, and any anxiety you had will be gone. Make sure your voicemail is good, regardless of who you’re leaving it for or the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my voicemail keep calling me?

It’s a scammer making a fraudulent robocall. Scammers can easily fake or “spoof” caller ID information thanks to advances in technology. They can make it appear as if they are calling from a different location or phone number. … The genuine callers could be from anywhere in the world.

What’s the deal with my phone calling me Verizon?

“If you receive calls from people who say your number appears on their caller ID, it’s likely that your number has been spoofed. We recommend that you do not answer any calls from unknown numbers, but if you do, explain that your telephone number is being spoofed and that you did not make any calls.”

Why am I getting calls from myself Verizon?

Don’t respond! Scammers use your phone’s caller ID to make it appear as if you’re receiving a call from your own phone number, then pose as someone from a wireless carrier such as AT&T or Verizon.

How can I prevent my voicemail from calling me?

On some Android phones, you may be able to disable voicemail by going to the settings menu, selecting Call or Phone, Voicemail, your voicemail number, and deleting it.

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