The ATT Loyalty Program: Everything you need to know

What is the Att loyalty program? In contrast to other loyalty programs, this one pays members simply for doing business with them.

To make use of the AT&T reward program, you are not required to accrue points, register, or even pay any costs. 

Need To Know About The ATT Loyalty Program
Need To Know About The ATT Loyalty Program

Customers of AT&T receive advantages and immediate discounts, including discounts at entertainment venues and restaurants.

AT&T +, a new reward program, was unveiled in 2012. The main goal of this loyalty program was to retain the most valuable AT&T customers by giving them access to special deals and preferential services. 

Need To Know About The ATT Loyalty Program, for customer service, AT&T provided a special number (1-855-ATTPLUS). The company also waived the activation and upgrade fees and offered a 25% discount on non-Apple accessories as an additional benefit.

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Some of the best discounts on data, calls, and the Internet are available through the AT&T loyalty program. Its goal is to guarantee that every client has a chance to considerably reduce their monthly expenses. 

The ATT loyalty program website does not discuss the reductions and other advantages in detail. However, this information is available on a few websites run by other parties ATT mobility.

Plenti Loyalty Program Launches in the U.S. | AT&T 

Loyalty Program Launches in the U.S


There are a few other strategies and pointers, in addition to using the AT&T reward program, that can help you save a lot of money on your monthly calls, text, and Internet fees. Currently, the AT&T unlimited Elite Plan offers monthly savings of up to $0 per line. 

With AT&T Unlimited, you now have free access to 5G. HBO Max, mobile security, and fraud call filtering are all included. Additionally, both new and returning clients will receive a $700 discount on an iPhone 12 at internet. 

Other clients can obtain a free Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. Every professional, including AARP members, Unio members, military personnel, first responders, doctors, teachers, corporate employees, and veterans, are eligible for these discounts, perks, and savings at att thanks.

Companies utilize loyalty programs to encourage repeat business from clients. Brands may convert customers into repeat purchases and, in many cases, brand advocates by putting in place methods to draw in and please consumers. 

Need To Know About The ATT Loyalty Program

The largest mobile phone service provider in the US, AT&T, has worked to maximize its loyalty programs over time.

Let’s take a closer look at their loyalty program because of a credit card.

AT&T Thanks is the name of their loyalty program. By offering its clients the AT&T Thanks, the firm hopes to keep them from searching elsewhere for everything they can obtain at ATT internet customers. 

This is done by providing insider benefits, exclusive benefits, and exclusive deals. The advantages are available in the Blue, Gold, or Platinum tier offers.


With the help of ATT wireless flagship savings program, users can save money on behalf of their workplace, school, or organization. However, you should take the time to confirm that your business, institution, or employer qualifies for this program. 


Numerous advantages are included in the signature program, such as exclusive device price, unique accessory possibilities, waived activation and upgrades, and service reductions. You must register to use the service, and once you do, your personal account will be linked to your FAN code at att u verse.

Some argue that the FA savings and Premier features are now referred to as the ATT access signature program. These were the service discounts offered to those connected to various qualifying groups, businesses, and educational institutions.

According to the second-largest carrier in the country, the program will reward customers with unique entertainment deals including Tuesday 2-for-1 movie tickets and pre-sale Live Nation ticket specials, as well as exclusive content for DirecTV subscribers on their TVs and phones at the internet plan.


The AT&T program is a thank-you discount that is available to customers of AT&T only. The firm describes to this as an appreciation program that provides AT&T customers with savings, deals, and waivers. 

There are no waiting times and the program starts out helping the customers. Customers now have cheap access to interesting features and entertainment opportunities thanks to ATT fiber internet. 


When an AT&T postpaid wireless subscriber purchases a movie ticket at full price, they immediately qualify for a free ticket. All eligible clients can take advantage of these reductions during the course of the program.

Additionally, AT&T-qualified customers will get special access to pre-sales for the finest performances and events with unlimited talk in Verizon Wireless. 

Additionally, buyers will get to talk with their favorite musicians. Finally, the DirecTV members who qualify for the Unique content discount will receive exclusive material for their TVs as well as a number of unexpected reductions from the AT&T gift cards.

The campaign is AT&T’s most recent attempt to use the media sector while expanding the telecom industry, and it appears to debut on June 30th with the movie-ticket deal. 

The carrier announced the foundation of Otter Media last summer, a $500 million joint venture to purchase and develop assets for OTT media services, with the intention of leveraging its acquisition of DirecTV with the introduction of a three-tiered, cross-platform video service later this year.

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Following the debut of Plenti, a loyalty rewards program offered in collaboration with big companies like ExxonMobil, Macy’s, Nationwide Insurance, Rite Aid, and Hulu, among others, last year, ATT tv has now launched its “thanks” program. American Express powers the service.

And Verizon’s Smart Reward program, which debuted in 2014 and offered users the chance to accrue points and spend them for discounts on a variety of goods and services, came before the launch of Plenti. In addition to other benefits, Verizon’s portfolio includes sweepstakes, auctions, daily discounts, local offers, and gift cards.


Customers of AT&T now have the opportunity to mix and match cellphone contracts for significant monthly savings. Customers of AT&T can now mix and match unlimited wireless plans. 


Few suppliers would offer such a limited opportunity, making this a truly special deal. All AT&T customers have a fantastic opportunity to save a lot of money on their monthly bills thanks to this opportunity. 

All three of AT&T’s Unlimited Wireless plans-Unlimited Elite, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Starter-offer unlimited texting, calls, and access to 5G.

The three tiers of incentives in AT&T’s customer appreciation program, known as AT&T Thanks, are blue, gold, and platinum. The program offers AT&T subscribers benefits like free same-day delivery, Wi-Fi Hotspots, and movie tickets. 

When contacting AT&T customer service, they could even assist their clients in setting up devices that are eligible and receive special attention. On the AT&T THANKS app, AT&T users may access these advantages as well as their updated benefit packages that cause customer retention.


With the AT&T loyalty program, clients who meet the program’s requirements can receive special savings just for being their customers. 

Other ways to save money include discounts for members of the military and first responders, discounts for union members, the AT&T Thank you program, the Signature program, and exclusive advantages for AARP members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AT&T have a customer loyalty program?

An At&t customer loyalty program has been launched. In contrast to other loyalty programs, this one pays members simply for doing business with them. To take use of the AT&T reward program, you are not required to accrue points, register, or even pay any costs for att customer.

How do I contact AT&T loyalty Department?

You can get in touch with our Customer Loyalty Department every SUN – SATURDAY from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. by calling 800-331-0500. Hope this is useful! Need assistance yet? Pose a query! Usually, our 1.4 million members answer in under an hour.

What can the ATT loyalty department do?

The AT&T loyalty division can be reached at (877) 999-1085. If you want to reduce your AT&T bill and save money, you can call this number directly rather than ATT’s general or technical support line.

Will AT&T lower my bill if I threaten to cancel?

Threatening to cancel is another useful tactic. If you’re a loyal client, this results in additional discounts, and you may always cancel. The savings from AT&T haven’t been applied in full yet.


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