DirecTV On Demand Not Working: How To Fix In Seconds

I subscribe to several TV providers, including DirecTV, which I primarily use for pay-per-view events such as sports. I had nearly finished watching everything I wanted to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I decided to try DirecTV’s On Demand content.

DirecTV On Demand Not Working
DirecTV On Demand Not Working

DirecTV On Demand Not Working, I couldn’t access it for some reason, despite the fact that it was on my DirecTV plan. I called DirecTV to confirm, and they gave me some pointers on how to get it fixed. I looked online for any solutions to this problem.

This guide is the result of compiling everything I found on the internet and from official sources to assist you in repairing your DirecTV On-demand that has stopped working.

Resetting the receiver will resolve the issue of DirecTV On Demand not working. Next, check and reset the internet connection. This should restore it to working order.

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There are a few possible causes for the On-Demand service not working, but they are thankfully simple to resolve. First, when using On Demand, a slow internet connection can be an issue. This is especially true if you are watching live shows.

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DirecTV On Demand Not Working

DirecTV on att tv recommends standard definition (SD) speeds of 4Mbps and high definition (HD) speeds of 20Mbps (HD). You’re On Demand service may not work if your internet connection is not rated for these speeds. Although you can still record them to your DVR if you have one, watching them live would be difficult.

Why is DIRECTV’s On Demand service malfunctioning?

First, I suggest restarting your receiver, as this should fix the problem. To reboot the receiver, press the red reset button found within the access card door on the front panel (or on the side of the receiver).

According to what I’ve heard from DirecTV, the majority of calls for On-Demand issues come from new users and installations. It may take up to 24 to 48 hours for the DirecTV box to load all VOD content and fully populate the service. Wait until everything loads in if you are a new user.

The HD DVR like sling tv or Genie box provided by DirecTV has been identified as a point of failure. If your receiver is malfunctioning, you may be unable to access the DirecTV On Demand service as well.

Examine the Network Status of Both Receivers

Examine the receiver for any problems. The receiver is your first point of contact with DirecTV or apple tv. Check to see if all of the status lights are turned on.

Check to see if the receiver responds to the remote. Try pressing a few buttons on the remote to see if the Hulu live TV responds like in fox sports. If none exist, restart the receiver.

Examine Your Cable Connections

Loose connections have always been something to watch out for when troubleshooting any tech issue, and this is no exception. Examine all connections, including those coming from the power outlet and those going to the DirecTV app.

Examine Your Cable Connections
Examine Your Cable Connections

Check that everything is properly connected to your spectrum tv. Get the best HDMI cable you can afford because a good cable will last longer than the cheaper ones on the market. I’d suggest getting the Belkin Ultra HD HDMI cable android tv. The ends are gold-plated and long-lasting, and they comply with the most recent HDMI standards.

Firmware Upgrade for DirecTV

New DirecTV receiver updates fix bugs in the software that the receiver runs on. If you were unable to access the On-Demand service due to a faulty receiver in smart tv channel software, an update may be able to help. To update your receivers, follow the steps below.

To update your non-Genie and older Genie receivers, follow these steps.

  • Start the receiver again.
  • When you see the first blue screen, use the remote to enter the numbers “0 2 4 6 8” without quotes.
  • The screen will show that the receiver is looking for updates if you entered the code correctly. If the standard Direct TV splash screen appears, the code was entered incorrectly.

To keep your Genie 2 up to date,

  • On the receiver’s side, press the Red button.
  • The front Status LED will turn white as the device restarts. When this occurs, hold down the client button until the white light flashes.
  • The download has now begun. Check for flashing lights to see if the process is still going on.
  • After the update has been installed, the receiver att u will restart.

Clear the Cache of Your Cable Box

Clearing the cache can remove any corrupt files that were interfering with the receiver’s proper operation. Fortunately, clearing the cache, or “refreshing” the receiver as DirecTV calls it, is a simple process in NFL Sunday ticket.

To update your DirecTV receiver, follow these steps:

  • Select My DirecTV from your myAT&T account overview page.
  • Choose Manage Package.
  • Select Refresh Receiver to live tv from the Manage Receivers menu.
  • During the refresh process, the service will be interrupted.

Check to see if your On Demand service is still operational.

Restart Your Router

Restarting your router can resolve issues caused by a configuration change you made or made accidentally. Because router problems can cause your internet connection to your DirecTV box to slow down, restarting your router is a good option.

Restart Your Router
Restart Your Router

Restart both receivers.

The concept of rebooting the receiver stems from the same thought process as rebooting the router. As a result, any setting change that may have caused the problem can be undone with a reboot.

To reactivate your receiver,

  • On the receiver, locate the red button. For older models without a red button on the outside, open the front spring-loaded door. It contains a red button.
  • To begin the restart process, press the red button.
  • Turn on the receiver and turn on all of the lights.

Check if you can access On Demand now.

Reboot the TV

Perhaps you’re On Demand service is not appearing on your television. Rebooting your Direct TV is the best way to resolve any problems caused by it. A reboot undoes nearly all unsaved settings changes.

So, if these settings changes were the cause of your On-Demand not working, the problem will be resolved.

Reset both receivers’ network connections.

Resetting the network connection will allow the receiver and DirecTV servers to reconnect. This allows you to connect to a more efficient server, allowing you to view your On Demand content without any problems. To reset your receiver’s network connection, follow the steps below.

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Power Outage

Attempting to access the DirecTV stream device On Demand service immediately following a power outage can cause problems. A power outage can result in data loss from the DVR, and attempting to access that lost content may cause the On Demand content to stop working like in regional sports.

It will take some time for the receiver to recover all of the lost content, so patience is the best course of action here.

Contact Customer Service

DirecTV has a strong support team that can help you with most issues over the phone, and if they believe a technician should come over and fix the problem, they will.

Contact DirecTV and explain your problem. Tell them how you tried to fix the problem but were unsuccessful. You can count on them to have your On Demand service up and running again before you know it.


Following this troubleshooting guide to the letter can help you get your On Demand service working again, and if it doesn’t, DirecTV has a team of experts ready to assist you.

Because the Fios On Demand service was down, I wanted to try DirecTV’s On Demand service. While I was looking for a solution, I needed some On Demand content other than Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Because of some personal commitments I had at the time, I never got to see how good DirecTV streaming device On Demand was after I fixed it.



Is DirecTV using the internet for On Demand?

Directv can use an internet connection for On Demand features, but we do not recommend connecting to Hughesnet because it is a metered/data cap connection.

Why isn’t Direct Stream working?

Check that your television is not in standby or screensaver mode. On your DIRECTV STREAM remote, press the Home button. Check that the video input cable is securely connected to both your device and the HDMI or composite connector on your TV. If this is the case, try connecting the HDMI cable to a different port.

Is Directv On Demand free?

The On Demand service is free for anyone with a DIRECTV subscription, so if you have DIRECTV now, you can also use On Demand. You simply need to ensure that your DVR supports HD and that you have access to a reliable internet connection.

What is the procedure for resetting DirecTV On Demand?

Wait for the receiver to reboot after pressing the red reset button located inside the access card door on the front panel (or on the side of the receiver). This article will provide additional troubleshooting tips for DIRECTV service issues.

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