The Best Unlimited Satellite Internet To Buy? [ Must Try]

A satellite internet is a type of internet that transmits data from a satellite dish in space to a user on the ground who also has a satellite dish. The launched connection between the two satellites results in a satellite internet connection.

This type of connection can be used in any location, including remote areas where other types of internet connections, such as cable, are not available. Satellite internet is ideal for streaming movies and playing online games. If you want to enjoy watching movies, unlimited satellite Internet is a good option.

What Is The Best Unlimited Satellite Internet To Buy?
What Is The Best Unlimited Satellite Internet To Buy?

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What Is The Best Unlimited Satellite Internet To Buy?

In this day and age, most people spend their time on the internet doing a variety of things. Some people use the internet for entertainment, while others use it to learn, and so on. With that said, most of these people will be upset if their internet access is restricted.

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As a result, unlimited satellite internet allows you to access the internet without restriction. You can use the internet whenever you want with unlimited satellite internet, regardless of whether your data plan is depleted or not, and there are no additional fees to inconvenience you.

Unlimited satellite internet has shifted from one provider to the next over the years. There are a few satellite internet service providers in the United States. However, in this section, you will learn about satellite internet service providers who provide high-quality internet at a low cost.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a good provider. Nobody knows, and you might even be stuck. Don’t give up.


If you’ve been looking for satellite internet service providers on the internet, you might not believe there’s such a thing. This is because most satellite internet providers have data caps, where you are given a set amount of monthly data based on your subscription plan. 

If you use up all of the data on your plan, you won’t be able to access the internet until the following month. This is what most people know about satellite internet providers, which may lead you to wonder if truly unlimited satellite internet exists.

It is inconvenient to have limited satellite internet because you will be unable to access the internet once the data is deleted. However, data caps are only available with certain satellite internet providers. Other providers, as you will see later, offer unlimited satellite internet. 

When your data is depleted, such providers will allow you to access the internet to stream music, download videos, work online, and do other things. 

Some satellite internet providers will allow you to enjoy a free zone, which is a period when your data usage does not count against you and is therefore free. As a result, there are unlimited satellite internet providers. You are now aware.


Despite the fact that there are numerous satellite internet service providers, the main goal of this article is to inform you of the best unlimited satellite internet providers. The best satellite internet providers are Viasat (formerly Exede) and HughesNet.

1. Viasat Satellite Internet Service Provider

This is the best satellite internet service provider in California, offering users unlimited satellite internet. From data plan prices to other numerous benefits, Viasat outperforms HughesNet and other satellite internet providers.

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Viasat Satellite Internet Service Provider


Viasat recently launched a new satellite, which improved Viasat’s internet speed. Viasat currently offers speeds of up to 100Mbps. This is a good speed for streaming anything, whether at home, work, or school. 

Viasat is similar to HughesNet in that HughesNet provides a much lower speed of 25 Mbps. However, Viasat’s 100 Mbps speed is not available everywhere. Viasat operates at a speed of 12 Mbps in some areas, making HughesNet an excellent choice.

What About Data Limits?

This is a question you should have been asking yourself, and you must be curious to know if data caps exist with Viasat because this is the most vexing issue. But there’s some good news. Data caps are no longer an option with Viasat! 

The unlimited plans from Viasat are almost everywhere. You now have every reason to smile. You will be able to access the internet even after your data has run out if you have unlimited data. This is a significant accomplishment because data caps have long been a source of contention for most satellite internet service providers.

Why should you choose Viasat?

  • Speed

The best feature of Viasat that will easily entice you is its speed. As previously stated, Viasat can provide high-speed internet of up to 100 Mbps. With such speed, you can stream HD videos while simultaneously allowing others to use your connection.

  • Installation

Viasat provides free installation if you lease low-cost equipment for $9.99 per month. Furthermore, you will always have access to customer service support if you have any problems.

  • Other advantages

Viasat will allow you to select from a variety of data plans at various prices and speeds. As a result, if you’re looking for a satellite internet provider that provides high internet speeds and free installation, Viasat is without a doubt the place to go.

2. HughesNet Satellite Internet Provider

This is also one of the most reliable satellite internet service providers in the United States today. If the best option, Viasat, fails to work in a particular area, HughesNet becomes the best option. HughesNet, like its main competitor (Viasat), offers a plethora of benefits to its subscribers.


HughesNet has risen to greater heights since the launch of a new satellite in 2017. All plans now have a speed of 25Mbps. Despite the fact that HughesNet continues to struggle to provide the best services that subscribers expect, it had to be included on this list.

What About Data Limits?

Here is the current major issue, as well as the wound for many subscribers. HughesNet has data caps in place. However, the pricing and plans are standard in the US, which makes it convenient. Something to consider as compensation for unlimited internet is the fact that you will still be able to access the internet after your data plan expires, but at a much slower speed; 1-3 Mbps.

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HughesNet’s efficiency tricks include:

You might be wondering if streaming videos won’t feel like a chore at such slow speeds. HughesNet, on the other hand, automatically adjusts the video quality to ensure that you can stream videos even at low speeds. So don’t expect to be able to watch shows and other videos in 1080p. 

You should anticipate 480p. You also get 50 GB of data as a monthly bonus during off-peak hours. As a result, it is a good provider. This bonus is usually available between the hours of 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. During these hours, you can download videos and music.

You now understand the various types of satellite internet providers that provide low-cost services. You may still be unsure of which provider will provide you with the best internet services. So, in the following section, Viasat and HughesNet are compared based on their strengths. The comparison takes into account aspects such as speed and installation. You will then be able to select the best provider.

Other advantages

As previously stated, you can still access the internet after your data plan expires, though at a very slow speed. The bonus zone – the time when you can use free internet from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. – is an added bonus. As a result, if you are looking for a satellite internet service provider that offers the most affordable broadband internet, HughesNet is the place to be.


Nobody has ever been let down by unlimited satellite internet. If you have unlimited satellite internet, you can stream music, HD videos, and many other things. Unlimited satellite internet will also benefit you if you live in a remote area. In a nutshell, you can with unlimited satellite internet;

Online shopping

Books, music, and videos can all be downloaded.

Email messages can be sent or received.

Chat with friends and family via video chat.

Participate in seminars and online classes.


Because this is an article about unlimited satellite internet deals, we recommend that you go with Viasat because it has the fastest satellite internet services. Its advantages to users outweigh those of HughesNet.

However, when it comes to making a final decision, the internet cannot help you much. As a result, you can choose HughesNet if you want good speed at a low cost or based on your research and how you perceive HughesNet.


Is it possible to get unlimited data via satellite?

Both yes and no. While plans with unlimited data perks exist, such as Sky Mesh’s Sky Muster Plus plans, they are not truly unlimited, as plans on fixed line NBN connections are. Rather, some satellite NBN plans may provide unmetered access to a variety of services.

Is Viasat really limitless?

Starlink is the only truly unlimited satellite internet service provider. Both Viasat and HughesNet provide unlimited data, but not the type we prefer. It’s the type where you get throttled after exceeding your limit.

Is satellite internet available for free?

While free satellite Internet access is possible for a limited time, it cannot be sustained. For a limited time, many Internet service providers, including satellite Internet providers, will offer a combination of discounted or even free service, equipment, and installation.

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