What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV? (Complete And Easy Guide)

What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV? If you’re wondering what channel HGTV will be on DirecTV in 2022, this guide will help you get started right away, along with some show recommendations. DirecTV and HGTV complement each other very well. People are wondering if the channel will be available on DirecTV’s new packages.

If you enjoy cooking and DIY projects, the HGTV channel is the place to be. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started right away and recommend shows we think you’ll enjoy.

What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV
What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV

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HGTV is a Discovery, Inc.-owned American pay television channel. The network primarily airs reality shows about home improvement and real estate. HGTV was available in 95,628,000 American households in 2015.

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In 2016, the company surpassed CNN to become the third most-watched cable channel in the United States, trailing only Fox News and ESPN.

Who is it for? Current HGTV programming focuses on the thrifty and entrepreneurial, as well as DIYers who enjoy learning new things, such as home-buying, renovation, and reality shows that follow the business of house flipping.

HGTV has spent at least $400 million per year on original programming.

We enjoy HGTV because of its informative and How-To guides on cooking, home renovations, and home flipping. If you enjoy getting new ideas for recipes, home improvement projects, or even starting a new career, HGTV is a great channel to watch.

What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

Let’s take a look at what DirecTV has in store for you and your family before we get to the HGTV channel number. DirecTV is a well-known satellite TV provider that offers incredible plans and valuable channel lineups that include all of the best local channels, the hottest international channels, and even the top-rated premium channels, among others. 

DirecTV keeps its subscribers entertained by broadcasting everything from movies to dramas, sports to reality shows. The good news is that HGTV is available across all of its lineups. Apart from the popular channels that keep viewers on the edge of their seats, DirecTV packages include:

  • Sunday Ticket for the NFL and live streaming of your favorite games
  • HBO® premium subscription for one year, plus three months of Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® for free.
  • 50,000 titles on demand and 4K HDR programming
  • Advanced DVR storage capacity of 200 hours
  • The DirecTV app provides on-the-go entertainment.

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What Channel Is HGTV On DirecTV?

DirecTV provides excellent TV service, but imagine how awesome it would be if you could combine its entertainment plans with AT&T! You’d be able to get high-speed internet, digital phone service, and satellite television programming all in one package if you signed up for a single plan. 

So don’t just sit there. Hurry and take advantage of these low-cost offers. Here’s a look at DirecTV’s plans and the availability of HGTV in its lineups.

To get the HGTV channel on DirecTV, dial 1-866-996-2797 and select the best DirecTV package for you to learn about DIY tips and tricks from home experts.


HGTV can be found on DirecTV channel 229. Everyone who has DirecTV can now enjoy HGTV coverage from any of the many plans that we discussed.

HGTV has given home improvement a new lease on life across the United States. House Hunters and House Hunters International provide access to the world’s most amazing homes and apartments.

Flip or Flop is another popular and well-liked show that depicts the complete transformation of old houses into stunningly renovated ones.

Tiny House, Big Living takes viewers on a building journey in support of the tiny-house movement. HGTV also airs a show called Property Brothers, which combines reality and drama. Along with these shows, HGTV also broadcasts Fixer Upper, Brother vs. Brother, My Lottery Dream Home, and Celebrity IOU.

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Mansions on the Cheap

Tamara Day takes you on her journey to restore massive spaces. She has a habit of taking on difficult projects that no one else would take on and deviates from the norms of decorating living spaces.

Prepare to be presented with innovative and cost-effective ideas for renovating your own home and marvel as these once-loved spaces are brought back to life.

Beachfront Bargains

If owning a beachfront dream house seems out of reach, the Beachfront Bargain Hunt makes it all possible and more. Watch as families make their beachfront living dreams a reality while staying within their budget.

They go on a house hunt with the help of a local real estate agent and discover some surprisingly affordable beachfront and sandy locales; this is the perfect guide for anyone looking for the beach house of their dreams.

Table Battles

How much has your standard dining room table evolved over time? The old, new, and modern are rediscovered in ways that most people would not expect. Learn how you can improve your home with this easy-to-follow knowledge to take your home to the next level.

List It or Love It

Hilary Farr, a home renovation professional, and interior designer David Visentin spruce up American homes on a budget, assisting homeowners in upgrading their homes with no skills and little money, giving you limitless ideas for your next project.

Hilary’s job is to renovate homes and deal with unsightly and abandoned items that can be reused and repurposed to complement the home in unexpected ways. David locates a new property that meets all of the homeowner’s requirements.

The homeowner must decide whether to keep the improved property or upgrade at the end of the episode.


If you are a true sports fan, you will tune in to channels 206, 207, and 209. Of course, HGTV is also on the list of great channels to watch. CNN 202 and Fox NEWS 3600 are great channels to watch if you like news. In general, DirecTV has a plethora of infomercial channels. Remember to watch one of those channels for yourself when you get your DirecTV package.


There are several DirecTV packages available, and we will look at the best ones for you at the best price here.

  • Select Package – This package is ideal for the average television viewer who does not want to spend a lot of money on TV service. The select package includes 155 channels. You will be able to try out premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz for the first three months. This package is suitable for individuals who live alone and require only a basic DirecTV package.
  • Entertainment Package- DirecTV adds five more channels to the entertainment package, including must-haves like ESPN, ESPN 2, and Fox Sports. We recommend this package for small families who enjoy a little entertainment in their living rooms.
  • Choice Package – The choice package includes 185 channels, including the weather channel, IFC, Travel Channel, and the cooking channel, for those looking for new channels from the entertainment package. This package is for people who enjoy cooking and other how-to channels. This package contains a large number of excellent infomercials.
  • Xtra Package – The Xtra package, as the name suggests, is a significant upgrade from the chosen package. This fantastic package includes an additional 50 channels. NBA TV and MTV Classic are two of these channels. If you enjoy sports or are a die-hard college basketball fan, this package is ideal for you. Personally, this is one of my favorite packages due to its affordability as well as the numerous sports programs. We didn’t have access to all of the different sports programs with my previous service, but with this package, you can watch all of your favorites.
  • The Complete Package. This package is for all moviegoers out there. It’s only $5 more than the Xtra Package. This package includes channels such as Starz Encore and the Movie Channel. This strategy also works if you have a large number of people living in your home.
  • Premier with Everything- This is DirecTV’s most expensive plan. This plan is ideal for large families who require all of the television channels. There are over 330 channels in this package alone. If you have a large family and want everything that comes with having DirecTV, this is the package for you.


With that being said, DirecTV and HGTV go hand in hand. HGTv is included in each of DirecTV’s affordable packages for moviegoers and people who just like to watch TV. Personally, I would get this because of the price. Many other providers would charge you exorbitant fees just for this.


Is there a free HGTV channel?

To watch HGTV, you do not need cable. HGTV shows can be viewed on the following streaming services: Philo (free trial), Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Vidgo, DIRECTV STREAM (free trial), Youtube TV (free trial), and fuboTV (free trial).

How do I get free access to HGTV?

Go to watch.hgtv.com or the app (available for iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku), sign in, and you’ll be prompted to enter your account information from an accepted streaming service.

On DirecTV, what channel is Fixer Upper?

To watch, go to DIRECTV channel 230, DIRECTV STREAM channel 230, or Uverse channel 454 (SD) / 1454 (HD). The highly anticipated Magnolia Network, guided by Chip and Joanna Gaines’ vision, will feature extraordinary stories and authentic talent that will deliver a unique and motivating viewing experience.

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