How To Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account? [Easy Methods]

When you consider the costs, purchasing a phone from a carrier can be very cost-effective. This approach, however, is not without drawbacks.

One of these is that you will most likely have a phone that is locked to the Sprint network and will need to know how to unlock a Sprint phone without an account for use on other networks. As you’ve probably discovered, having a phone locked to Sprint can be extremely restrictive.

How To Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account?
How To Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account?

You are limited to a single network carrier and have no other options for connecting to other networks. For a long time, the most common question from buyers of locked devices has been, “How do you unlock a phone from US cellular?”

All of the solutions can be found here. Be assured that if you’re wondering how to unlock your Sprint phone online or how to unlock your phone from US cellular, you’ve come to the right place. We have meticulously scripted the solutions just for you.

Perhaps in your case, you’re curious about how boost mobile phones are unlocked. We guarantee to tell you everything you need to know and more. Here are some examples of devices that you may need to learn how to unlock.

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Troubleshooting: Issues on Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account

You don’t have the account information.You can contact Sprint customer service and request an unlock code. You will need to provide the phone’s IMEI number and proof of purchase.
Your phone is not eligible for unlocking.You can check Sprint’s unlocking policy to see if your phone is eligible. If it is not, you may need to pay off the balance on your phone or wait a certain amount of time before it can be unlocked.
You don’t have a Sprint SIM card.You can purchase a Sprint SIM card from a Sprint store or online. Once you have the SIM card, you can insert it into your phone and follow the instructions to unlock it.
You are having trouble unlocking your phone.You can contact a third-party unlocking service for help. These services typically charge a fee, but they can help you unlock your phone even if you don’t have the account information or if your phone is not eligible for unlocking through Sprint.
You are not sure how to unlock your phone.There are many resources available online that can help you unlock your Sprint phone. You can also search for tutorials on YouTube or other video-sharing websites.


Yes, you can, and we’ll show you exactly how. The truth is that there are obvious methods for unlocking your Sprint phone online, but you don’t have to go through all that trouble.

Why go through the hassle of creating an account when there are simpler ways to unlock your Sprint phone?


There is a plethora of extremely useful and functional software available for locating the IMEI numbers of various types and brands of devices. This number of unlocking software, no matter how numerous, all work towards the same specific goal.

Assisting new owners from across the country in fully utilizing their devices’ carrier capabilities. Isn’t that cool? Yes!. There are a plethora of options available to you.

Some of these Free Phone Unlocking software for use includes:

  1. DoctorSIM.
  2. FreeUnlocks.
  3. DC-Unlocker.
  4. Unlockunit.
  5. Unlockbase.
  6. net.
  7. TheUnlockr.

You can try out any one of those apps and follow the very simple process to unlock your phone.


  1. New Devices From a Carrier.
  2. New Devices Without the Carriers.
  3. Conditions to Unlocking Your Sprint Phone Without An Account.
  4. Unlocking Your Sprint Phone Without An Account.
  5. Step 5) IMEI Free Phone Unlocking Software.
 Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account
Unlock Sprint Phone Without Account

Step 1. New Devices From a Carrier

You have the option of purchasing your device from the store, which is brand new and unlocked, or purchasing it from the carrier, which is less expensive. Each decision, however, has ramifications.


The devices use a single carrier


  • Products are often very cheap.


  • The device is locked.
  • The carrier is limited to just a certain network.
  • Your carrier might not offer you just the type of phone you need.

Step 2. New Devices Without the Carriers


They are also open to all networks.


  • Any SIM can be used on the phone.
  • The phone does not need to be unlocked.
  • Great and easy to use.


  • Extremely expensive.

Step 3. Conditions to Unlocking Your Sprint Phone Without An Account

Before we get into the specifics of unlocking Sprint phones without an account, there are a few conditions you should be aware of. After that, you can proceed to unlock your phone from Sprint by following the instructions provided later in this post.

When unlocking is possible:

  • If you have a Sprint phone, only phones from and can be unlocked from the Sprint network.
  • If the SIM card can be unlocked to domestic networks within the country: Only SIM cards that can be unlocked to domestic networks within the country will be able to be unlocked from Sprint.
  • If it hasn’t already been reported stolen or lost.
  • Sprint mandates this period approximately 50 days after the purchase was made and not immediately after for obvious reasons.
  • When traveling internationally, the phone must be able to connect to international networks.

Alternative Video: Unlock Sprint Mobile Phone

Unlock Sprint Mobile Phone


When unlocking is rather impossible:

  • You cannot unlock your phone if it is not a Sprint Smartphone or tablet.
  • Your phone may not be unlocked and capable of accepting domestic US SIM cards.
  • You will not be able to unlock your device if it has been reported as lost or stolen.
  • If your Sprint device has a bad payment history and there are still outstanding payments to be made, you will be unable to unlock your Sprint phone without an account.

Step 4. Unlocking Your Sprint Phone Without An Account

There are several methods for unlocking your Sprint phone without an account. One is to use software, while the other is to take a more manual approach to the entire process.

Whatever cost-effective methods you choose, know that this problem with locked sprint phones is not a major one, and it is something you can handle yourself if you have the proper knowledge.


  • You do not need to open an account to unlock your phone.
  • It is a very easy and efficient way of addressing the issue.


  • Your device can get lock-wired if you get the codes wrong.

Here are a few of the simplest methods to unlock your Sprint phone without an account.

Step 5. IMEI Unlocking Software for Free

IMEI software unlocks are compatible with all phones. You can unlock your Sprint phone in just a few simple steps.

It is extremely simple to unlock a phone using free phone unlocking software. You only need to do the following:


  • Navigate to the dialer on your phone.
  • *#06#
  • The IMEI number of your phone will be displayed.
  • Make a note of your IMEI number. When the time comes to unlock it, your network provider will ask for your IMEI number.
  • You would have needed to search the internet for free phone unlocking software from there, but we’re guessing you already have an IMEI unlocker that works perfectly.

You can reach out to the sprint customer care by calling their customer service line, 855-639-4644.

Unlock Sprint Phone
Unlock Sprint Phone


  • Fast and reliable system.
  • Guarantees the unlocking of your phone.


  • Can result in the blocking of your phone.
  • It might not work.


Yes! Perhaps you’re the type of person who prefers to do things on your own. In any case, it is entirely possible to unlock your Sprint phone manually rather than online.

With the assistance of your phone’s manufacturers, you can easily unlock your phone on your own without the assistance of anyone else.

Here’s How it’s Done:

  1. Search the internet for the most relevant materials and interactive platforms on the subject. You’re likely to find a community of users just like you who have the answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask.
  1. In either case, you’ll need one of the above-mentioned programs to obtain the unlock code. Determine the model of your phone first, followed by the brand.
  1. Following that, you must remove your SIM card from the phone and enter your unlock code. This step is taken on most phones, and the phone can then be unlocked.
  1. In some cases, you may need to insert a SIM card from another network carrier in order to access and enter the code.
  1. You only have five chances to get it right. After you’ve exhausted these five options, your phone will be hard-locked, and there’s little you can do about it.


  • Your phone becomes functional on not all local networks.
  • Your phone can work on any carrier within the country.
  • Your phone receives full access to international networks.
  • Security updates on the network from time to time.


  • You are not assigned to any particular network.


One of the best free unlocking software options available. What would we do if they didn’t exist?

This software does, in fact, help to add another level of ease to the unlocking process and ensure that your phone is unlocked and free of its polarizing carrier for good.

Here are a few benefits of using free phone unlocking software to unlock your phone:

  1. It is one of the simplest and quickest methods for unlocking your phone: With free phone unlocking software, you don’t have to worry about leaving your phone somewhere for an extended period of time. Everything you need to do can be done in a matter of hours.
  1. Unlocking your phone with free phone unlocking software will cost you nothing. All that is required is downloading the apps and making the necessary phone calls to obtain the code to unlock your phone.
  1. Even while unlocking your phone, you can have complete control over it.
  1. You will be able to use any network you want.
  1. This method is one of the most secure and reliable ways to unlock your phone.
How To Unlock Sprint Phone
How To Unlock Sprint Phone


Your gadgets are extremely important. We believe it is critical that you get the most out of it. We provide value, and we hope that the next time you decide to buy a new phone, you won’t be concerned about getting it at the lowest possible price from the carrier and eventually unlocking it with time

 You can always do it yourself and unlock your Sprint or Boost phones without needing an account, especially now that you know all the tricks of the trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unlock a Sprint phone without an account?Yes, you can unlock a Sprint phone without an account. However, there are a few requirements that you need to meet. First, your phone must be eligible for unlocking. Second, you need to have the phone’s IMEI number. Finally, you may need to pay a fee to unlock your phone.
How do I unlock my Sprint phone without an account?There are a few ways to unlock your Sprint phone without an account. You can contact Sprint customer service and request an unlock code. You can also use a third-party unlocking service. Finally, you can try to unlock your phone yourself by following the instructions in the Sprint unlocking guide.
What are the requirements for unlocking a Sprint phone without an account?The requirements for unlocking a Sprint phone without an account vary depending on the phone model and the carrier that you are switching to. However, some general requirements include:
* The phone must be paid off in full.
* The phone must be active on Sprint’s network for at least 60 days.
* The phone must be eligible for unlocking.

Can I unlock my Sprint phone for free?

We unlock mobile devices that meet the following eligibility criteria for free: the device must have been purchased from Sprint. The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, has not been linked to fraudulent activity, and has not been flagged as ineligible to be unlocked in any other way. SIM Unlocking is possible with this device.

Will Sprint unlock my phone if I don’t have a Sprint account?

No. Sprint can provide eligible customers with the MSL to provide to their intended carrier. The ability or willingness of another carrier to reprogram a device is subject to that carrier’s policies and practices.

What is the unlock code for Sprint?

Sprint will send you an unlock code for older phones once you have paid in full for your phone. When you are eligible for the unlock code, you will be notified. To obtain the unlock code, call Sprint customer service at 888-226-7212. The fine print for Sprint’s unlocking policy can be found here.


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