How To Troubleshoot Netflix That Keeps Freezing? ( Complete Answer)

Nothing is more annoying than spending hours navigating through Netflix and having your chosen show repeatedly freeze. It’s also hard to go through the matter logically when you’re upset and seek a break. This post was created to provide a logical troubleshooting method the next time Netflix freezes or crashes on your Smart TV.

Netflix That Keeps Freezing
Netflix That Keeps Freezing

Netflix frequently freezes or crashes due to slow or unreliable internet connections, which causes the stream to buffer. Alternatively, you might need to reset the TV, update the firmware on your app and Samsung smart TV, or sign out of Netflix. In addition, the television may potentially crash due to hardware problems.

Netflix That Keeps Freezing, you can re-reinstall and solve these problems by first understanding why Netflix crashes with the aid of this article. Knowing how to check your internet speed would also be helpful if you wanted to ensure you had the bare minimum for Netflix streaming.

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Netflix keeps freezing


Netflix may freeze due to problems with the app, your Smart TV, or your network connection. The primary reasons that you should think about are listed below.

  • An inadequate or poor internet connection
  • Bugs or flaws in the Netflix app or the firmware on your TV
  • A cluttered app caches
  • Equipment failure

I’ll provide many solutions after briefly explaining how they contribute to your Netflix app freezing or crashing to select Netflix.

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Netflix and device both freeze?

Disconnect the power cable if your gadget requires one. Be sure that your device is totally turned off, and not only on standby. Put the phone away for a minute and a half. Power on your gadget and give Netflix another go.


  1. An inadequate Internet connection

The speed at which the Netflix app can download the content you’re watching will be impacted by a slow internet connection (if at all). Usually, while you watch a video, the app will download it. However, this download won’t happen; the video will freeze if you don’t have an internet connection or it’s too slow.

Netflix That Keeps Freezing

Objects in the home that impede the signal, such as thick walls, water, or metal, can contribute to slow internet. Other wireless devices, such as radios, Bluetooth, radios, or microwaves of Netflix servers, may impact the signal. Too much distance between your modem and TV will degrade the signal’s quality.

For streaming videos, Netflix also provides recommended download speeds. Your movie will freeze if your download speed is insufficient to meet these standards. Below are the suggested speeds.

  • Netflix should load at 1.5MB/s (at least 0.5MB/s).
  • 3 MB/s for Standard Definition streaming
  • 5 MB/s for High Definition streaming
  • 25 MB/s for 4K or Ultra HD streaming
  1. Firmware flaws or errors

The Netflix app may freeze or crash due to bugs in the software of your Smart TV or your Smart TV itself. Because of a mistake in the app’s development, bugs typically happen every time you perform a specific function. The only way to fix these vulnerabilities is to update the firmware.

Firmware flaws or errors
Firmware flaws or errors

Other bugs or faults, however, may appear haphazardly and for no apparent cause. Typically, closing the program and restarting it will resolve these issues in NetFlix error.

  1. Data or Cache Overload

Cookies and other transient data are kept in the cache. Although these files enhance the program’s functionality in windows updates, the app may become unresponsive buffering when too many of them are stored over time. The app will freeze or crash as a result of this.

  1. Hardware Failure

If none of the above problems exist, the TV streaming video may be experiencing hardware problems. Other TV apps should function appropriately if the hardware is working correctly. The only method to fix this issue is to have the TV looked at and fixed by a specialist in Netflix errors.


  1. Boost Internet connectivity

There are many ways to enhance your internet connection. The many techniques for troubleshooting Netflix users are outlined below for you to attempt.

  • Reboot your router and modem (if you have one)
  • Place your modem/router 30 feet or less amazon prime from your TV (but at least one foot apart)
  • keep interference to a minimum for your WiFi signal (as mentioned above)
  • An Ethernet cable is used to connect your TV to the int hardware acceleration ernet tv shows.

To give both devices adequate time to reset and start back up, the modem and router should be restarted in a specific order in the play store. These details are provided below:

  • Remove the power plugs from the modem and router.
  • While they are unplugged, wait at least a minute.
  • Reconnect the modem and watch for a restart a Netflix account.
  • Connect the router after the modem has completely restarted.
  • Before testing the network, give the router time to reboot completely.
  1. Lower Streaming Quality

To make your Netflix videos download more quickly, you can select to lower their quality. Netflix offers “Low,” “Medium,” “High,” or “Auto.”

Selecting Low or Medium will result in a poorer quality than the Standard Definition. Therefore, if your internet is slow, they are good options. By following the methods below, you can modify these settings from any web browser:

  • Open the Netflix website in your browser.
  • Select “Account > Profile & Parental Controls” from the menu.
  • After choosing your profile, click Playback Settings in the device manager.
  • To select your default streaming device quality, click “Change.”
  1. Leave Netflix now

You might not be able to sign out regularly if Netflix errors is frozen. To use the remote to access the sign-out screen, follow the instructions below.

  • Press “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, up” on your remote’s arrow buttons.
  • The sign-out menu will appear; choose “Sign Out,” “Start Over,” or “Deactivate.”
  1. Delete the cache and data for Netflix.

By using the settings on your TV, you can erase Netflix data. Although this will varies for various Smart TV models and manufacturers, a typical location to find this feature is listed below in google chrome.

Delete the cache and data for Netflix
Delete the cache and data for Netflix
  • Your remote’s “Home” button should be pressed.
  • Go to “Settings > General > Apps > Manage All Apps” to access this menu.
  • Locate and choose the Netflix app.
  • Choose “Clear Data,” “Clear Cache,” or “Clear Storage” under “Storage.”

Remember that deleting temporary files like cookies will also delete the Netflix cache. These files don’t have anything to do with the downloaded material, but they help the app run better. Conversely, any movies or TV series you have downloaded will probably be deleted if you clear Netflix data or storage to smart hub.

  1. Upgrading your Smart TV

A Smart TV’s “Settings” menu contains firmware updates, though the exact location varies. To discover the update function, you might need to access the “About” menu, “System Settings,” or “Customer Support.” Then, you must either “Check for Updates” or “Install Software Update” when you’ve located the update feature in the current user.

  1. Upgrade the Netflix mobile app

You can update the Netflix app by using the app store on your Smart TV. When you locate the Netflix app in the app shop or channel store, an “Update” option should be available. If you don’t, you probably have the most recent firmware installed.

  1. Reset your TV

Your TV has two reset options: a factory reset or a hard reset. A hard reset will clear any problems on the TV but won’t delete any of your data. Follow the procedures below to accomplish this.

  • Cut the power to your TV.
  • All TV-connected devices should be disconnected.
  • For 30 seconds, hold down the TV’s “Power” button.
  • Allow the TV to discharge after another 10 minutes fully in the control panel.
  • Reconnect all of your devices and plug the TV back in.

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Your TV will no longer have downloaded apps or saved preferences if you perform a factory reset, as described below. By doing this, faults will be fixed, and your storage space will be filled to its full potential. Additionally, it will delete all data files from your apps in Netflix movies.


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