How Do I Use the Free Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack? (5 Easy Steps)

As you are undoubtedly aware, AT&T has been offering certain services under the Cricket Wireless brand.

AT&T offers faster speeds, a more extensive selection of plans, and more benefits. However, what may have attracted you to Cricket in the first place is that they provide a plan that is both inexpensive and limitless.

Free Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack
Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack

Therefore, if this is your priority, you can’t go wrong! In addition, they are a corporation with a strong emphasis on the user experience. In addition, they have been providing users with an extra 10GB of free data with their Cricket Wireless subscriptions.

To use a free Cricket Wireless hotspot, purchase the 10 GB Mobile Hotspot Add-on for $10 through My Account or the myCricket app. Alternatively, there are ways to hack the hotspot using Setting Database Edito. However, these methods may be illegal and result in service termination or other consequences. It is recommended to use the official method instead.

However, there is a minor drawback. Those who subscribe to the $55 unlimited internet plan will have observed that this package does not include a Hot-Spot. However, there is another alternative. 

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Free Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack, also available is a $60 unlimited package with up to 15GB of data. This one can be used for both Hotspotting and standard Internet access. For many clients, neither of these plans provides sufficient coverage. 

For this reason, many of us have been scouring the Internet for tips and tricks to circumvent the Hot-restrictions. Spot’s If you are one of these individuals, you have arrived at the correct location. We have done most of the research, so you don’t have to!

In this post, we will demonstrate various tried and true methods for improving the performance of your Hotspot. So, if you’re seeking an unending supply of Hot-Spotting as a feature, consider the following advice!

Troubleshooting: Issues on Free Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack

Cricket Wireless may terminate your service if they detect that you are using a hotspot hack.Do not use the hotspot hack if you are not comfortable with the risks.
The hotspot hack may not work on all Cricket Wireless phones.Check to make sure that your phone is compatible with the hotspot hack before you try it.
The hotspot hack may slow down your internet speeds.Be aware that the hotspot hack may slow down your internet speeds, especially if you are using it to connect multiple devices.
The hotspot hack may not be secure.Be aware that the hotspot hack may not be as secure as using a legitimate hotspot plan.
The hotspot hack may be illegal in some jurisdictions.Check the laws in your jurisdiction before using the hotspot hack.

Video: Cricket how to get unlimited hotspot for free 100% works

Cricket how to get unlimited hotspot


You will unavoidably encounter resistance whenever you attempt to pull off a feat like this. However, in this scenario, it is nothing significant.

Cricket Wireless Hotspot Hack

Before using Cricket Hotspot, you must ensure that your AT&T subscription is paid in full. Once this has been accomplished, you can proceed to the instructions below to hack your way to unlimited free Hot-Spotting with Cricket Wireless.

How much are Cricket Plans?

Cricket’s $60 unlimited plans include a hotspot at no extra cost. However, a supported hotspot device is required, and 15 GB is the maximum data allowance. Use the Cricket app on your mobile device to buy 15 GB of extra data for $10.

It is crucial to remember that each of these strategies will work equally well whether you are using an Android or Apple phone.

Aside from that, these methods may initially appear to be somewhat challenging. However, if you carefully follow the steps below, you should be up and running in no time! So, without further ado, let’s get down to business:

Step 1: Install Setting Database Editor

  • You must navigate your mobile device to either the PlayStore or AppStore (Android and Apple, respectively)
  • Enter “Configuration Database Editor”
  • Then, to begin, wait while the application downloads and launch it when it is complete.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Tether Entitlement Check State” section.

Tether Entitlement Check State
Tether Entitlement Check State

Scroll through the settings immediately after launching the application until you reach “Tether Entitlement Check State.”

Once it has been located, tap it to open it.

Step 3: Alter the subject number

Immediately after opening this setting, a dialogue box will appear on the screen.

Write “-1” into the bar to proceed.

Note: Be careful not to omit the minus sign before the one during this process. Also, there is no need to type the inverted commas; only their contents are required. You presumably already knew this, but we will reiterate it for clarity.

Finally, go to the App’s settings menu and close the App.

Step 4: Modify the Appropriate Settings on Your Phone

Now that we’ve taken care of matters within the application, it’s time to ensure that your phone can keep up. This section is somewhat complicated if you’ve never done it before, so we will attempt to be as straightforward as possible.

Depending on your phone, the layout may alter significantly from what is described below. However, if differences exist, they should be minimal.

Here we go:

  • To begin, navigate to “Settings” on your phone.
  • The next step is to launch “Mobile Networks.”
  • Afterward, tap “Access Point Names.”
  • Select the option labeled “Cricket.”

You will now be presented with a list of copy-related options, ranging from MMS Proxy to APN roaming protocol. Search for their names and copy and paste all you find.

Step 5: Select an APN Type

APN Type
APN Type

Next, you must ensure that these hacks that alter your default settings are entered into the APN type. Here are the results:

  • default, MMS,dun,supl
  • After entering these ‘cheat codes’ into the APN type field, you will need to turn off the application and then navigate to your phone’s main interface.
  • Check your mobile Hot-Spot while you are there to ensure it is functioning correctly.
  • If it does not function immediately, do not panic. However, before these adjustments can take effect on some phones, you will need to restart them,

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After completing the preceding procedures, you must now access the Hotspot settings. In addition, you should now observe that the Cricket Wireless network is operational.

During this time, you should also review the Hotspot settings on your phone. Then, it would help if you observed that none of your MBs are being utilized.

The free Hotspot should entirely power your phone’s internet connection. And that concludes it! You should now have access to a complimentary Hotspot!

Using the above hack and a mobile Hot-Spot, you can take your Cricket Wireless network everywhere.

We hope this suggestion was helpful. However, if you have discovered an equally effective alternative method, we would want to hear about it.

Please share your thoughts in the space below so that we can enlighten our readers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cricket Wireless hotspot hack safe?There is no guarantee that the hotspot hack is safe. It is possible that Cricket Wireless could detect that you are using the hack and terminate your service. Additionally, the hotspot hack may not be as secure as using a legitimate hotspot plan.
Is the Cricket Wireless hotspot hack legal?The legality of the hotspot hack depends on your jurisdiction. In some countries, it is illegal to use a hotspot hack without the permission of your carrier.
How do I use the Cricket Wireless hotspot hack?There are a few different ways to use the Cricket Wireless hotspot hack. One way is to use a third-party app that will change the settings on your phone to allow you to use the hotspot without paying for a plan. Another way is to root your phone and make changes to the firmware.
What are the risks of using the Cricket Wireless hotspot hack?There are a few risks associated with using the Cricket Wireless hotspot hack. These risks include:
* Your service could be terminated by Cricket Wireless.
* Your internet speeds could be slowed down.
* The hotspot hack could be insecure.
* The hotspot hack could be illegal in your jurisdiction.

How do I acquire Cricket’s free Hotspot?

Free hotspot access is included with Cricket’s $60 unlimited plans. However, you will need a compatible hotspot device, and the Hotspot’s bandwidth limit is 15 GB. Additional purchasing data is available for $10 for 15 GB via the Cricket mobile app.

How long does 100GB of hotspot data remain active?

Mobile Data Limits. A 100GB data package will allow you to surf the web for around 1200 hours, stream 20,000 songs, or view 200 hours of standard-definition video.

With unlimited data, is it possible to run out of Hotspots?

Even with unlimited data plans, there is a restriction on the amount of data you may use as a mobile hotspot. Once you hit this limit, the data will be deprioritized, which means your data speed will significantly decrease until the next month, when your limit resets.

What App provides free Wi-Fi?

FoxFi is one of the best free hotspot applications for Android devices. It provides rapid connectivity for computers, tablets, mobile devices, and other portable devices. In addition, this App provides a more reliable and resilient internet connection. Using this application, we can share the Wi-Fi Internet connection on our phone with other devices.

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