Which Channels Will Be Canceled by DirecTV? (Answer)

You and your family watch American Idol on ABC when the station darkens, leaving you surprised and unhappy.

Channels Will Be Canceled by DirecTV
Channels Will Be Canceled by DirecTV

Your favorite station suddenly vanishes from the satellite feed, even though you’ve never previously experienced such an issue with the nation’s leading satellite TV provider.

Channels Will Be Canceled by DirecTV, you cannot help but ask why DirecTV does not carry ABC, which is not even a premium network like HBO MaxTM, for which you must pay more, but rather a locally-sourced station.

We have a response to your question. Before you pick up the phone to give ATT tv customer support a piece of your mind, allow us to explain which DirecTV channels are being removed and why. Stay updated.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Channels that Be Canceled by DirecTV

ABC, CBS, FOX, NBCAll 4 major broadcast networks will be dropped from DirecTV on July 1, 2023. This is due to a carriage dispute between DirecTV and Nexstar Media Group, which owns the broadcast rights to these networks in select markets.
A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE)AWE will be dropped from DirecTV on April 1, 2023. This is due to a carriage dispute between DirecTV and Herring Networks, which owns AWE.
One America News Network (OAN)OAN will be dropped from DirecTV on January 31, 2023. This is due to a carriage dispute between DirecTV and Herring Networks, which owns OAN.
NewsmaxNewsmax will be dropped from DirecTV on January 31, 2023. This is due to a carriage dispute between DirecTV and Newsmax Media, which owns Newsmax.

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As previously said, DirecTV is a satellite TV service that utilizes communications satellites are networks in space to transmit channel programs to your house. As a satellite provider, it offers the best local, national, and international networks to its subscribers around the country.

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Channels Will Be Canceled by DirecTV

This requires the payment of a specified carriage fee by the supplier. Now, most att TV channel owners keep their fees below a tolerable threshold; but, when a station owner raises that fee abruptly, the actual conflict begins.


Occasionally, as a result of this conflict, network owners temporarily dissolve their contract with DirecTV, turning off your neighborhood’s channel feed. This is why a channel like fox news blackout has occurred.

At the beginning of this year, around February, numerous reports of local channels did not appear on DirecTV. We investigated, and the following transpired. Cox Media Group and its owner, Apollo Global Management, engaged AT&T and its subsidiary DirecTV or live tv, apple tv or youtube tv in a fee dispute.

As a result, Cox Media stations removed channel numbers of the local TV channels from DirecTV dish network members’ homes, and the provider could not intervene. Why? Because the owning group had sole control over local stations and residential regions that could receive NBC on DirecTV or other satellite channels in San Diego.

Until the two sides sign a carriage agreement, such disagreements will persist cable. So who suffers in the middle? Consumers who wish to watch local TV on DirecTV must wait for channel restoration while paying in full for their bundle time Warner.


A local channel may be removed from the DirecTV lineup because the channel owner demands an exorbitant amount of money to renew the carriage agreement.

It’s not just DirecTV; nearly all cable and satellite companies confront this issue and are threatened by network owners. Therefore, when a blackout occurs, DirecTV advises you not to panic and to take the following actions:


Enter your zip code in the search bar at https://www.att.com/tvpromise/ to receive instant information about possible channel streaming service outages in your area.

If you notice missing channels in your area, you should be patient and wait for DirecTV or the History channel to restore them, as the provider will try to restore your favorite local content.

Click here to catch up on missed episodes or networks in the interim.

How To Access On-Demand Channels On DirecTV? ( Detailed Answer)


Channel blackouts occur due to carriage disputes between channel owners and Verizon FiOS TV service providers. If you’re curious as to why DirecTV is eliminating local channels like CBS stations, we hope this piece answers your question.

Still, if you’re concerned, dial 1-866-996-2797 to speak with a DirecTV customer support representative and discuss the matter in depth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are DIRECTV’s local channels disabled?

AT&T’s pay television services, including DirecTV, DirecTV Now, and U-verse, lost more than 120 stations in 97 locations across the United States last week. The channels went dark because AT&T and Nexstar could not secure a new retransmission consent deal.

What is wrong with the CBS channel on DIRECTV?

Due to contractual conflicts, DIRECTV has withdrawn NBC and CBS from their satellite. Northwest Broadcasting has taken every precaution to prevent interruptions to your television viewing. We hope DIRECTV will carry the programs its customers desire and pay for.

Why does NBC not air on DirecTV?

Unfortunately, NBCUniversal has decided to cease its content while we are still finalizing a renewal. The DIRECTV message adds, “We understand your displeasure, appreciate your patience, and want to restore your lost channels as soon as possible.” The alert also suggests many alternatives to NBC’s programming.

Is DirecTV regaining NBC?

Regardless of your channel package from DIRECTV, NBC is readily available, along with 50,000 On Demand titles and limited 4K HDR content. In addition, 2020 NFL Sunday Ticket games will be streamed LIVE. TV Everywhere with the DirecTV app.

Where did NBC Sports go on DirecTV?

The NBCSN channel is unavailable on DIRECTV because it is unavailable; the same is true for all other TV providers. The channel was discontinued in January 2021, and its programming was redistributed to other NBC channels, including USA TV, CNBC, and Peacock.




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