How To Fix Avast Blocking The Internet? ( Easy Guide)

How To Fix Avast Blocking The Internet? I felt more secure when using Avast Ultimate, which I upgraded to. I always had real-time protection enabled, which made it simpler for me to explore the internet’s vast ocean and capture anything I might have missed.

But one day, the page didn’t load when I opened my browser and signed in to a frequently visited forum. My internet was fine when I checked it. I opted to check Avast because I could also access the page from my phone. Unexpectedly, Avast free antivirus prevented me from seeing the website.

How To Fix Avast Blocking The Internet In Seconds
How To Fix Avast Blocking The Internet In Seconds

How To Fix Avast Blocking The Internet In Seconds, this was odd because after several visits to the same page when using Avast, it wasn’t blocked. So I decided to quickly fix my Avast antivirus after determining what had gone wrong with it.

To see if other individuals had experienced similar problems, I visited some antivirus user forums and support pages for Avast internet security.

How can I stop Avast Antivirus from blocking your website and web pages?

Here is how to stop avast from blocking your website.

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1. Navigate to the Avast dashboard by opening Avast on your computer.
2. Click “Menu” and then click “Settings.”
3. Click ADD EXCEPTION under this tab to open a new window.
4. To save the URL, click ADD EXCEPTION.

With the assistance of Avast support and a few helpful folks at one of the forums, I was able to resolve the problem, and I was able to assemble all of the information I had discovered.

With the aid of that knowledge, this guide was created so that you can prevent Avast from obstructing your internet access.

Try updating Avast to the most recent version to stop it from preventing you from using the internet. Additionally, you might want to disable Avast’s shields or stop HTTPS scanning

. Try reinstalling Avast if that doesn’t work with the windows firewall.

Video: How to prevent Avast from blocking a program

Prevent Avast from blocking a program Video


Real-time protection is enabled in Avast’s Premium and Ultimate editions, which automatically shields you from harmful websites that could steal your data by preventing you from visiting them.

Avast accomplishes this by examining the website’s behavior and whether it appears on a list of recognized harmful websites.

This automatic detection may occasionally be imperfect, causing Avast to ban the website you’re trying to access.

The majority of older websites without updated security certificates or other websites that don’t bother to get one but aren’t harmful in any manner will exhibit this.

This ultimately prevents you from accessing the website you intend to visit.


You might try updating Avast to the most recent version to solve detection problems. Since Avast is always being improved, any problems are swiftly fixed with fresh updates on avast software.

How To Fix Avast Blocking The Internet In Seconds

For an Avast update:

  • Select Update from the Select menu in the top right corner of Avast Antivirus.
  • Under Virus definitions and the application, select Check for updates.
  • Now, Avast will scan for updates and install them if any are discovered.
  • Restart your computer after the update is complete.

Check to see whether you can visit the websites you were previously unable to after restarting your computer.


The Web Shield collection of products includes HTTP Scanning, which checks your computer for malware that enters over HTTPS communication.


As a result of the encryption used by the HTTPS protocol, malware that enters a system using HTTPS is incredibly difficult to detect. Disabling this can make the antivirus less aggressive in preventing threats, but you should switch it back on if it doesn’t resolve the problem.

To stop HTTP scanning:

  • Start Avast.
  • Activate Menu > Settings.
  • Select Core Shields after Protect in the right panel.
  • To configure shield settings, scroll down.
  • Choose Web Shield from the top-level tabs.
  • Enable HTTPS Scanning is not selected.

Now attempt to browse the previously inaccessible website, and see if Avast still allows you access. After you’ve finished using the website, turn on HTTPS scanning again to protect your computer.


You can add a website to a list of URLs that are excluded from screening if Avast flags it as hazardous despite your knowledge that it is safe.

As a result, Avast would stop banning this page and start ignoring it. To include a URL in the list of exceptions:

  • Take note of the website’s URL and copy it. The text in your browser’s address bar is the URL.
  • Start Avast.
  • Choose Settings from the menu.
  • Go to General > Exceptions after that.
  • To add an exception, select.
  • Copy the URL, paste it into the text box that appears, then click “Add exception.”

Check to see whether Avast still bans the URL after adding it to the exceptions list.



Another option is to disable Avast to view the restricted website temporarily. If you want to safeguard your computer from malicious attacks, remember to turn Avast back on after you are done using the website.

To remove Avast:

  • Start Avast!
  • Activate the Protection tab.
  • Choosing Core Shields.
  • Offset each of the four shields. Here, you may also specify the time you wish the shields to turn off. After that designated time, they will be turned back on automatically.

Check to check if the problem has been fixed by attempting to log in to the earlier restricted website.



You can try reinstalling Avast to fix the problem if all else fails. If you’re using a paid version of Avast, you’ll need to reactivate it, so have the activation code close at hand. To carry out this on Windows:

  • Do right-click on the Start button.
  • Choose features and apps.
  • From the left-hand menu, select Apps and Features.
  • To find Avast, use the search bar or scroll down the list of apps.
  • Select Uninstall.
  • Accept the prompt from User Account Control.
  • From the Avast Setup wizard, choose Repair.
  • Verify the fixing.
  • Hold off until the fix is complete.

On a Mac:

  • Pick Avast by opening the Applications folder.
  • From the Apple menu bar, choose Avast Security.
  • Select to remove Avast Security.
  • To complete the removal, adhere to the instructions that appear.
  • Download Avast or use the file you downloaded when installing Avast the first time to reinstall Avast.
  • To install Avast, open the setup file and adhere to the directions.

Reinstall Avast, then activate your subscription and see if it once more prevents you from accessing any websites.

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Feel free to get in touch with Avast’s customer care if none of these troubleshooting techniques were successful. If necessary, they can take your problem to a higher level and offer you more specialized troubleshooting advice based on the requirements of your system.


If you’re a little more cautious online, you won’t need Avast, but keeping it on hand as a backup in case you miss anything might be beneficial. Despite having a bad record for being resource hogs and slowing down your computer while doing nothing, modern antivirus software has almost entirely defied that pattern.

The majority of antivirus programs currently manage resources well while being quite accurate and watchful for dangerous computer threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Avast keep blocking websites?

The “Avast banning websites” error will appear if a given website has a history of phishing or has been added to Avast’s blacklist. “avast! Web Shield has blocked a hazardous webpage or file,” reads the error notice.

What keeps blocking my internet connection?

You can restore internet connectivity by deleting your browser’s cache and browsing history. The major reason is that cookies and browsing history might occasionally obstruct a website’s IP address, which can block your internet connection.

How do I remove Avast from Chrome?

You may also use Task Manager by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting Disable Avast Browser. Now you need to seek Avast Secure Browser under the Startup tab. Once located, right-click it and select Disable.

Why is my firewall blocking my internet?

As was already noted, a firewall’s job is to keep an eye on both inbound and outbound traffic. As a result, it occasionally misinterprets signals and treats WiFi traffic as dangerous. As a result, your WiFi becomes blocked by a Firewall, denying you access to the internet.

Can a virus stop you from connecting to the internet?

Other malicious software modifies the DNS settings of the machine or adds several entries to the host file of your operating system. Computer viruses can affect redirection difficulties or entirely shut down the Internet connection by changing these settings.


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