How To Activate ATT Fee Waived? ( Easy Guide)

How To Activate ATT Fee Waived? Imagine being informed that the AT&T activation charge is waived.

You’ll be willing to learn what it takes to do it, I have no doubt. As one of the main internet service providers, ATT Internet provides its clients with a variety of packages and plans that must first be activated in order to begin working.

How To Activate AT&T Fee Waived
How To Activate ATT Fee Waived

They accomplish this, among other things, by charging the now-famous “activation fee.” Naturally, the semi-hidden cost of this fee will appear on a customer’s account when they activate their AT&T service.

How To Activate ATT Fee Waived, the activation attracts a price, just like any other service provider, which must be paid. It goes without saying that not everyone would want to pay the activation charge, which is why this article is important. So this article is for you if you’re thinking about how to avoid the AT&T activation cost.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Activate ATT Fee Waived

You are not eligible for a fee waiver.Check with AT&T to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver based on your account status or other factors.
You are not sure how to ask for a fee waiver.Be polite and respectful when asking for a fee waiver. Explain why you believe you are eligible for a waiver and be prepared to provide any relevant information.
The customer service representative is not willing to waive the fee.Ask to speak to a supervisor. You may have more luck getting a fee waiver from a supervisor.
You are still not able to get the fee waived.You may need to pay the fee. However, you can try contacting AT&T again in the future to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver.
You are not sure how to activate your phone after the fee is waived.Follow the instructions that AT&T provides you. You may also need to contact AT&T for assistance.

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When you buy a new gadget to use as an auxiliary to the one you already have, you are required to pay an activation fee. Additionally, it can be charged when purchasing a new item or service.

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The activation price fr new customers looking to sign up for a contract-free line is the same as the fee if they want to bring their own smartphone that is compatible with AT&T’s network.


In case you were still unsure, it is indeed feasible to get your activation charge waived when upgrading or signing up for a new service. Yes is the clear answer.

You must first contact the AT&T customer service agent to complete this. Ask them if they will waive your activation charge. Although there is no assurance that you will receive a full waiver of the cost, there is a chance you could receive a 50% decrease.


The truth is that service providers frequently give bonuses to customer support agents so they may exploit them to keep clients. The only thing left to do is ask. However, whether or not you receive the waiver depends greatly on your attitude at att mobile.

You must maintain your composure throughout the entire chat. Additionally, if you have been an AT&T customer for a while and have consistently paid your bills on time, you can benefit from that. Mention how devoted a user you have been for a few years.

The second option is to ask to talk with their supervisor. Your right as a client means that your request won’t be turned down. The benefit of doing so is that their managers frequently have a greater ability to make any changes that the customer representative is unable to.

Additionally, the business offers them unique incentives that can be used in situations like this. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to be logical and pick your words carefully when speaking with the supervisor. Try not to be harsh with yourself.


If the customer service agent declined your request, there are still additional options available to you. Start by looking for any affiliates or partners of AT&T. Customers who need any AT&T services are frequently given perks in the form of discounts.

How To Activate ATT Fee Waived

This is possible because they are required to grant discounts to prospective clients at some point in the commercial agreement they are signing. Therefore, if you’re a consumer searching for an activation charge, you can profit from this kindness.

Another area where you might receive a discount is from the best buy website. If you buy from Best Buy, you won’t pay the activation or shipping fees for various AT&T services, in case you didn’t know. So buying from their website is still a viable option to avoid paying activation costs.

Lastly, there are numerous credit unions spread out over the globe that typically give discounts or waive activation fees as you update your current services. It’s your responsibility to look for them att the store. 

Try any of the potential strategies mentioned above while keeping an open mind. Who knows, you might strike it rich and receive the necessary discount.

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Your tone and level of control will now be crucial to the entire process. There is a very significant probability that you will actually get your cost completely waived if you do this correctly at Verizon wireless. 

All you have to do is keep using logic and reasoning. After all, since you are an existing subscriber, a second activation fee shouldn’t theoretically be required of you.

If necessary, wear them down. But it’s always crucial that you maintain your composure. Instead of treating it as an argument, think of it as a debate. It also helps if you have a history of consistently making your bill payments on time before you get into all of this. You are categorized as a consumer who want to keep in this way device.

Additionally, if you are struggling to come up with a good opening statement for this conversation, mentioning that you have been a consistent and dependable customer can be helpful with the unlimited plan. 

If things aren’t going too well for you, you may always advise that if your request isn’t granted, you could be interested in signing up with a different business that is providing a better bargain.

These people frequently receive instructions to give specific incentives in order to keep customers on board. After all, losing a small amount by offering a discount is preferable to losing their ongoing subscription fee.


Sometimes you may be unlucky enough to speak with a representative who isn’t all that kind. It’s okay. It’s not yet hopeless. There are alternative strategies to avoid it. The next step is to contact their linked partner companies, as they may frequently arrange discounts as well.

Additionally, according to our statistics, there is more than enough evidence to conclude that AT&T periodically waives upgrade and activation fees.


Additionally, you can avoid these costs entirely by ordering your equipment from retailers like Best Buy. Additionally, you can benefit from extras like free shipping. Therefore, doing a little internet shopping now and then can actually result in cost savings. The unknown!

We have looked into credit unions as our final option for avoiding the activation cost. There are quite a few of them available who are also able to provide discounts and waive these types of costs. In essence, there is almost always a way to get around this. When replacing or improving any service to save money, keep an ear to the ground.


All service providers need payment of activation fees, thus AT&T is not unique in this regard. If you decide to upgrade your phone, be prepared to pay for it.

You may need to be strategic the majority of the time to avoid paying the activation fees. You could, for instance, focus on a marketing campaign. You’ll probably be granted a waiver. Even if you don’t acquire everything, you’ll still gain something of value at unlimited data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my AT&T activation fee waived?Yes, you may be able to get your AT&T activation fee waived if you meet certain criteria. For example, you may be eligible for a fee waiver if you are a loyal customer, a military member, or a student. You can check with AT&T to see if you are eligible for a fee waiver.
How do I ask for an AT&T activation fee waiver?You can ask for an AT&T activation fee waiver by calling AT&T customer service or by chatting with an AT&T representative online. When you ask for a fee waiver, be polite and respectful, and explain why you believe you are eligible for a waiver. You may also need to provide proof of eligibility, such as a copy of your military ID or a student ID.
What are the steps to activate my AT&T phone after the fee is waived?Once your AT&T activation fee has been waived, you can activate your phone by following the instructions that AT&T provides you. You may also need to contact AT&T for assistance.
What are some other ways to save money on AT&T activation fees?In addition to asking for a fee waiver, there are a few other ways to save money on AT&T activation fees. For example, you can buy your phone outright from a retailer, or you can sign up for a new AT&T plan that includes a free activation fee.
What are the terms and conditions of AT&T activation fee waivers?The terms and conditions of AT&T activation fee waivers vary depending on the specific waiver. However, in general, you may be required to meet certain criteria, such as being a loyal customer or a military member. You may also be required to provide proof of eligibility.

How do I get my AT&T upgrade fee waived?

You are only exempt from paying it if you have a business discount plan that covers upgrade fees. There is no cost if you purchase an unlocked phone outright from another vendor (for instance, by telling the Apple shop that you intend to use the unlocked iPhone for prepaid service rather than upgrading).

How do I avoid activation fees?

As a selling feature, rival cell phone companies frequently waive activation fees. It can be sufficient to ask a customer service representative to waive the activation cost in order to make the phone more affordable. Think about getting your phone from a large box store.

Does ATT have an activation fee?

No matter what phone is used, the $30 activation fee would be charged when you started a new line of service. The upgrade cost would not apply if you were upgrading your SIM card from an existing line to an older phone.

Do you have to pay an activation fee when buying a new phone?

Charges for activation and upgrades quickly mount up. Consider moving to a different wireless carrier. If it’s one of the major national carriers, be prepared to pay an activation charge for each new line you add; this fee is normally in the range of $35.


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