How To Troubleshoot ATT LTE Not Working? ( Easy Guide)

How To Troubleshoot ATT LTE Not Working? At&t has a robust network, but they are constantly attempting to expand outside of their borders to serve their customers better. Their service won’t have any issues because of their extensive network coverage and adequate network capacity.

Troubleshoot ATT LTE Not Working
Troubleshoot ATT LTE Not Working

Troubleshoot ATT LTE Not Working, At&t recently began providing national LTE connectivity across the US. Because network towers support LTE service, they opt to run it. 

According to a USA-based survey, at&t offers high LTE speeds that are unmatched by other internet service providers. However, if at&t LTE ever stops functioning with your device, you can try the fixes listed below at wireless.

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How To Fix AT&T

AT&T LTE Not Working

The network of ATT is fairly robust, and they can assist you in maximizing the benefits of their services. You won’t experience any problems with AT&T’s services because of their adequate coverage and near-flawless network.

In the US, AT&T is the only provider of LTE, and they have been able to maximize its benefits because of their extensive tower network. The nicest thing is that, in comparison to other networks, AT&T LTE provides rather quick speeds. If AT&T’s LTE isn’t functioning properly for you. What you must do is as follows in an settings.

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1. Check the Compatibility

For LTE networks, compatibility is the most important factor. Not all gadgets can use the at&t LTE network. Your phone must be a recent model and compatible with AT&T LTE to meet these requirements for wifi calling.

Check Compatibility
Check Compatibility

Therefore, you must first determine compatibility. As a customer, you may purchase their compatible phones through At&t, which also offers some intriguing phone bargains. Before buying a phone, you can also do some study to determine what you need to accomplish. If you don’t purchase from AT&T, no worries. Just make sure your purchased phone is AT & T network capable.

Simply put, this is the biggest problem that LTE users have, therefore you should make sure you get ATT wifi calling branded phones if you want to use them with AT&T LTE, or do your homework before making any purchases because a lot depends on it and you cannot afford to get it wrong at att internet.

2. Examine Coverage

Coverage would be caused by At&t’s LTE network being down. Verify that your phone has the proper LTE coverage. According to At&t, the USA has complete LTE coverage. They can’t cover everything because of some technical issues. When you are out of coverage, you will only see a 3G network icon, not an LTE indicator.

You will receive 3G signals rather than LTE if your phone does not have the proper coverage. To get connectivity back and the proper LTE coverage on your phone, try moving your location or just switching on and off the airplane mode a few times for mobile data.

3. Add toggles for the airplane mode

Add toggles for the airplane mode
Add toggles for the airplane mode

Try moving to a different area or activating airplane mode for a short while. The connectivity on the network will be refreshed. then return the phone to normal operation. The LTE network icon should be visible, and you should be able to use all of your apps with a fast LTE connection.

4. Verify Network Configuration

To get the anticipated internet speed, network settings are required. You must enable LTE from the settings to receive dependable LTE speed. You must configure your phone in such a way that it switches from LTE to 2G and 3G networks when the battery is getting low.

There is some validity to turning off LTE. Because LTE connections offer quicker data transfer rates and need more power to maintain speed, they drain batteries more quickly.

Verify Network Configuration
Verify Network Configuration

In order to maintain LTE service, check to see if the battery saver is turned off on the device, and if it is. Make sure that you are not unintentionally limiting LTE to 3G or 2G. Your phone should now have the att LTE capability enabled. Now, begin employing a perfectly att community specialist.

Additionally, you must make sure that LTE is enabled in your network settings and that you are not unintentionally confining it to 3G because the phone also has a setting for this. Your phone will start operating properly if you reset it once after enabling LTE.

How To Troubleshoot ATT LTE Not Working?

Here are the steps to troubleshoot ATT LTE Not working:
1. restart your phone to refresh its memory.

2. Ensure that your cellular data or mobile data connection is active.

3. To ensure your mobile data is functioning properly, you must disconnect from Wi-Fi.

4. Disable the airplane setting.

5. See the AT&T Wireless Network coverage map for areas where you can make voice and data calls.

5. Reboot the Computer

if the aforementioned techniques weren’t successful. The best course of action is to restart the device. To restart, press and hold the power button. Wait a few seconds before continuing with patience.

Check the network status icon after it has been switched on. Additionally, you can download various items and surf any website while testing the att LTE network performance on at att.

6. Remove and reinstall the SIM card

Removing your SIM card and making it adjustable using a port is the next piece of advice. You can attempt to move it from SIM 1 to SIM 2. This is essential since it might fly accidentally and land in an awkward position. So, using a SIM ejector, carefully reposition the SIM card after ejecting it. LTE connectivity would now be seen to phone transfer at mobile network

7. Reset Network Configuration

Simply restart the network if nothing is still functional and you are unable to fix the problem. How to reset, in steps.

  1. Access the phone’s settings menu.
  2. Locate the option for Reset/Backup & Reset.
  3. Touch it.
  4. From here, select Reset Network Settings. This reset will remove any network settings, saved Wi-Fi networks, associated Bluetooth devices, and other data.
  5. Input your phone’s PIN or pattern to begin sleeping.
  6. Verify the reset now.

Wait a few minutes for the reset to finish. Restart the phone now to see if the issue has been resolved. If none of the other options are successful, you can try a factory reset.

8. Speak to AT&T

if nothing functions properly. You must speak with the At&t support team. Make sure your account has LTE allowance enabled. It would be a huge help in a situation like this. I hope they’ll be able to resolve your LTE problem.

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A lost LTE connection can also cause bad hardware. Your smartphone could be accidentally thrown by you or another person, damaging the hardware.

For the device to function smoothly with LTE, have it repaired by a licensed shop. The techniques above can help you without a doubt if you believe your phone to be in working order but AT&T LTE is not. Step by step try each solution; if none of them work, call an AT&T representative for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LTE cellular data not working?

Cellular data may not be functioning because your wireless provider is maintaining its cell towers. Look out for the customer service number for your carrier and call them to see if they can assist you in resolving the issue.

Why is my AT&T cellular data not working?

To reestablish your connection, reset your network settings. The device’s default settings are reinstated when the network is reset. Be advised that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing settings are removed and must be added again. Data like images, movies, or text won’t be lost.

How do you reset LTE on iPhone?

Open Settings and select Transfer Or Reset iPhone under General. Tap Reset -> Reset Network Settings after that. Enter the passcode for your iPhone, then press Reset Network Settings a second time to confirm.

Is 4G and LTE the same?

What makes 4G and LTE different from one another, and which is better? In summary, 4G provides access to a wider range of online activities, more stability, and a significantly faster speed. In comparison to the fourth generation, LTE’s performance suffers because it is halfway between 3G and 4G.


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