How To Fix Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Error?

How To Fix Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response error? I frequently run system diagnostics on my modem and network equipment to check for problems. That’s what I did when my ISP’s provided Arris modem began randomly disconnecting from the internet. The modem’s logs indicated that it was having connection problems and displayed the error message “Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response Received.”

Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Received
Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Received

I had to figure out what was wrong because these disconnects were completely random, and I don’t want that to happen at a critical juncture in the future. I went to my ISP’s support pages and some user forums to see how other people handled this problem. I also ran diagnostic tests on my modem to figure out what was wrong.

This guide is the result of my research to resolve the issue, and it should assist you in eliminating this error in seconds. When your modem fails to communicate with your ISP and its messages time out without a response, the “Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response Received” message appears.

The best way to resolve this error is to reboot your modem. Later on, I’ve also discussed how to decipher the problem from your error logs, how to calculate your signal-to-noise ratio, and how to replace faulty connector equipment used by your modem.

There is no doubt that Xfinity has one of the most secure networks in the United States. Their latency, speed, connectivity, and uptime are all exceptional.

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However, no network can always function flawlessly because it is comprised of numerous mechanical and electrical components that can fail in one way or another. For their communication equipment, Xfinity employs a variety of cables such as coaxial, Ethernet, and fiber optic.

Troubleshooting: Issues on Fixing Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response error

Loose or damaged coax cableInspect the coax cable for any damage. If you find any damage, replace the cable.
Loose or incorrect connectionsMake sure that all of the connections between your modem and the coax cable are tight and secure.
Too many splittersIf you have too many splitters in your cable line, this can cause signal attenuation. Remove any unnecessary splitters.
Interference from other devicesMake sure that there are no other devices that are emitting RF interference near your modem. This could include things like microwaves, cordless phones, or security cameras.
Problem with your modemIf you have tried all of the above and you are still getting the error, then it is possible that there is a problem with your modem. In this case, you will need to contact your ISP for assistance.


When your modem communicates with your ISP, they exchange a lot of information without your knowledge. The unicast maintenance ranging signal is part of the handshaking that allows you to connect to your ISP’s servers and, via them, the internet.

Because your modem must complete the process of connecting, it will attempt to send the signal and wait for a response from your ISP. The modem moves on to the next step when the ISP responds. When all of these steps are completed, you will be able to connect to the internet.


This error usually occurs because the request that your router sent to the ISP as part of its connection procedure has timed out. To reduce congestion and better manage errors and issues, all internet requests have a time limit before the sender stops listening for a response.

When your modem sent the maintenance ranging signal, the response time was far too long, exceeding the time limit. The modem reports that the request was timed out and that it is unable to connect to the internet as a result.


The first step in determining what happened is to examine the logs in your modem. The logs detail what happened to your modem, complete with timestamps. It’s a good idea to go through the logs to figure out what’s causing the problem.

To view the logs on your modem, do the following:

  1. Launch a web browser.
  2. In the address bar, type and press Enter.
  3. Log in to the router using the username and password from your modem’s manual.
  4. The location of the logs depends on the make of your router, but a good place to look is under sections titled ‘Diagnostic,’ or ‘Administration.’ You can consult the modem’s manual for a more precise location.
  5. Examine the logs after you’ve determined where they’re kept.
  6. The “Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response Received” log entry will be visible. More information can be found in the entries preceding and following it.
  7. Log out of the router’s admin page once you’ve confirmed the problem.

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Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Received: How To Fix?



After reviewing the logs and determining that you have this error, you can try restarting your router to see if that fixes it. Unplug your modem from the wall socket and turn it off.

Wait a few minutes before plugging in the modem again. Turn it on and wait for all of the lights to return to normal. Examine the logs again after the lights come back on to see if the problem persists.


One of the most important metrics in communication is the signal-to-noise ratio. A high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) indicates that your signal is free of noise and transmits useful data or information.

When the SNR of your modem falls below the recommended levels, it can interfere with the modem’s normal operation. Significant noise signals can cause problems with the requests you send or cause the modem to miss an ISP response.

To check the SNR on your modem:

  1. Go to in your browser to log in to your router.
  2. Once logged in, look for a page titled ‘Connection,’ ‘Status,’ or ‘WAN.’ You can also consult your modem’s manual for a more specific location.
  3. SNRs should be 33 dB or higher for powers ranging from -15 to -6dBmV, and 30 dB or higher for powers ranging from -6 to +15dBmV.
  4. If they aren’t, you’ve discovered the source of your problem.

A low-quality connection can be caused by mismatched SNR, and the best way to resolve this is to call in a technician.


The time-out problem is most common in modems that use a coaxial connection; if yours is one of these, check the cables that connect to and from the modem.

Loose cables can introduce a lot of noise signals into the system, causing problems when the modem tries to connect to the internet. Don’t forget to check the cable splitter, as it has some connections that can come loose over time.

Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Received: How to Fix
Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Received: How to Fix


If you discover that some of the connectors were indeed faulty, have them replaced. Replace the splitters if they appear damaged or faulty; get the GE Digital 2-Way Coaxial Cable Splitter because it is more compatible than standard splitters.

Replacing these components should be handled by a professional, and I recommend that you seek assistance from one.


If you get stuck on any of these troubleshooting steps, or if you tried everything and nothing worked, contact your ISP.

You can also try contacting the customer service department of your modem manufacturer for more assistance. If the problem was caused by your ISP, you may be compensated with a better internet plan.


Internet connections have come a long way since coaxial, and if your ISP hasn’t upgraded you to better and faster optical fiber connections, I believe it’s time to switch.

If you have Xfinity, contact customer service and request that your services be terminated; return their equipment to the nearest Xfinity store. The same is true for the majority of major internet service providers, such as Spectrum or CenturyLink.

All ISPs will try to keep you as a customer because keeping a customer is less expensive than getting a new one. They will offer you free upgrades, and if you accept the offer, you will remain with the ISP.


If you’ve decided to switch, there are a few things you should keep in mind when switching ISPs. Make sure they provide you with a fiber connection; it is the quickest way to get internet to your home, and you will never have to look at a single signal-to-noise log again.

When making a switch, consider data caps and internet speeds. Choose an ISP that can provide you with faster speeds and a larger data cap at a comparable or lower cost.

Check user forums online to know the general reputation and reliability of the connections of the ISPs you are considering. People online love to voice their frustrations, and with that, you can understand how the ISP handles their customers.


If you have Xfinity and your modem is constantly giving you problems, it is time to consider replacing the modem that Xfinity provides with your own. Xfinity allows you to use your modem; purchase a modem that is compatible with Xfinity and activate its internet via the Xfinity app.

Many people disagree about when to replace their modem, but one thing is certain: if your modem is quite old and still uses coaxial cables, it is time to look for a replacement as well as upgrade your internet connection.

Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging
Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Error mean?The Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging No Response Error means that your modem was unable to communicate with your ISP’s cable modem termination system (CMTS). This can be caused by a number of things, such as a loose or damaged coax cable, loose or incorrect connections, too many splitters, interference from other devices, or a problem with your modem.

What does it mean when Xfinity Box says case?

This primarily indicates that the cable Box is loose or is not transmitting signals as required. If the cable is loose or incorrectly connected, the Box will be unable to establish a connection, resulting in this error. Unplug all of the wires and reconnect them.

What is an Xfinity heartbeat error?

This is typically a security check that is performed on a regular basis to ensure that nothing has changed on your Box. It is possible that this will occur after switching from one Wi-Fi SSID to another.

How do I reboot my Xfinity Cable Box?

Open the Account app and select the Internet option. Navigate to Wireless Gateway and choose Restart Device. Click restart and then confirm. After the process is finished, the device will most likely restart and confirm the process.


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