How To Apply For Verizon Wireless Services Online? (Easy Guide)

How To Apply For Verizon Wireless Services Online? There are numerous wireless service providers in the United States, but Verizon Wireless is the country’s second largest mobile broadband provider.

Verizon Wireless offers its services in 52 states and territories. After AT&T, it is estimated that approximately 305 million people use Verizon Wireless providers.

Verizon Wireless provides service in 32,069 zip codes across the United States. Stay tuned if you want to take the Verizon wireless subscription plan. We will provide you with a detailed description of how to apply for Verizon wireless services online.

How To Apply For Verizon Wireless Services Online
How To Apply For Verizon Wireless Services Online

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How To Apply For Verizon Wireless Services Online?

Yes, Verizon is more expensive than other service providers, but trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. It is a one-time investment to obtain the subscription; the rest of the services will speak for themselves. Without further ado, follow the steps outlined below to apply for various Verizon service plans.

STEP 1: Create An Account On The My Verizon website.

  1. To begin, navigate to the “My Verizon Registration” page on the Verizon wireless website.
  2. Enter the 10-digit number in the dialogue box and then click the “continue” button.
  3. A dialogue box will now appear. For the “Are you the Account Owner?” section, there are two options.
  1. “Yes, I am the owner of the account.” “I am financially liable for the account.”
  2. “No, I am not the person financially responsible for the account; I am an Account Member.”

Create An Account On The My Verizon website
Create An Account On The My Verizon website

Choose the first option

  • It’s now time to enter the billing ZIP code.
  • To proceed, enter the account PIN or billing password.
  • Continue by pressing the “Continue” button.
  • Again, a dialogue box with two options will appear. If you already have the Registration PIN, select “Send me a free text message to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Then press the “Continue” button.
  • Check your registered mobile phone number for the registration PIN, then enter it in the next dialogue box and click the “Verify My Account” button.
  • So, here is a page where you can create your account information. Enter the required information as outlined below:
  1. Create a User ID: This is the User name that will be used to log in to the website in the future. It must be between 6 and 60 characters long, with no spaces between them.
  2. Make a Password: The password must be unique, at least 8 characters long, and contain at least one number.
  3. Password confirmation: Enter the same password you used before.
  4. Secret Question: This is the method for recovering a forgotten password. Choose the question you want to use to recover your password.
  5. Answer: It is the answer to the question you raised earlier.
  6. Email Address: Enter the email address you want to register with here. All information about Verizon wireless services will be sent to this email address only.

You have successfully registered for the My Verizon Website at this point. It’s now time to apply for Verizon’s various wireless plans. Please take the following steps:

STEP 2: Apply for Verizon Wireless plans

  1. To begin, go to the Verizon wireless website and click the sign-in button. Now navigate to the “My Accounts” section.
  2. Enter your mobile number and password as the user credentials. Sign in by pressing the Sign in button.
  3. The various Verizon wireless service plans are available for purchase.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to pay for the pan you’ve chosen.
  5. All necessary notifications will be sent to the registered email address and mobile phone number.

So, we’ve arrived. We successfully registered on Verizon Wireless’ website and learned how to apply for various plans. But do you know how many plans Verizon Wireless offers and at what price? Which plan is right for you? Don’t worry; you’ll learn everything you need to know in the following paragraphs. All of the pertinent information about Verizon’s plans is provided below. Examine it out.

Apply for Verizon Wireless plans
Apply for Verizon Wireless plans

STEP 3: Select the best Verizon wireless plan for you.


  • $30 per month for 1GB of high-speed data
  • 6GB of high-speed data for $35/month
  • $45 per month for 16GB of high-speed data
  • $65 per month for unlimited data


  • $30 more for a 1GB plan (no discount)
  • 6GB plan for $30 more (a $10 savings)
  • Plan with 16GB for $35 more (saving $15)
  • An unlimited plan for $50 (a $20 savings)


  • Small: $35 per month for a 2GB bucket of shared data.
  • Medium: $50 per month for a 4GB bucket of shared data.
  • Large:$70 per month for an 8GB bucket of shared data.
  • 5GB: A 5GB shared data bucket for $40 per month.


  • Begin at $70 per month for basic services, no hotspot, and 480p video streams.
  • More to play: $80 per month for 25GB of “premium” data, a 15GB hotspot, and 720p video streams.
  • Perform additional tasks: Monthly fee of $80 includes 50GB of “premium” data, a 15GB hotspot, and 480p video streams.
  • Find out more: $90 per month includes 75GB of “premium” data, 30GB of hotspot space, and 720p video streams.


This is the VERIZON JUST KIDS plan, which is specifically designed for children. This plan costs $50 per month, with discounts for autopay and paperless billing. 

One additional line is added to the parent’s unlimited account. One more line for a child can be added for $80 per month, and three lines for children can be added for $105 per month.


  • If you are a single user, go with a Verizon prepaid single account.
  • If you travel frequently and require a large amount of data with a high-speed hotspot; you require a single line, then select one of the four unlimited plans.
  • If you need plans for your family, unlimited plans are the best option. When you don’t need a lot of data, stick to prepaid plans.


In summary, we live in a digital world, and the internet is a daily necessity. We cannot imagine life without the internet. Surfing the internet via fats and dependable wireless service providers is the best option. 

Verizon is without a doubt the most dependable and fastest wireless internet service provider in the United States. In terms of subscriber numbers, it trails AT&T.

Verizon offers a variety of plans from which you can easily select your preferred plan. It is critical that you select only those plans that will meet your needs. 

You can select the desired plan from our list, and we have also included all of the step-by-step process of applying for and checking the application of Verizon wireless plans. We hope that our comprehensive review and user’s guide were useful to you in some way.


What credit score do you need for Verizon Wireless?

Verizon Wireless has stringent credit checks. Verizon investigates your current debt level, charged-off/collections accounts, payment history, and credit account limits. If your credit score is below 650, you may have difficulty getting approved or may be required to pay a large deposit.

How much is Verizon postpaid monthly plan?

The most you can hope to pay for a Verizon postpaid plan is $65/month (with AutoPay), whereas the starting point for prepaid is much lower, at just $30/month (with AutoPay).

Does Verizon run your credit?

Verizon checks your credit to see if you qualify for their service and if a deposit is required. As a result, knowing your credit scores is critical before signing up for a new wireless service or upgrading.

Does Verizon require SSN?

Verizon needed your Social Security number to run a credit check before providing you with service. This is a common practice in the cell phone industry because they are extending you credit, allowing you to make calls and rack up charges each month before your bill arrives.

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