Sling TV Loading Issues: How to Fix? (10 Ways!)

I was interested in trying Sling TV because of its nearly hardware-free service. More TV boxes clogging up my minimalist living room design is the last thing I want. I got everything in order, and things went swimmingly for a few weeks.

I tried to watch the news channel that I usually watch on a Saturday night, but it wouldn’t load. I waited a few minutes, but it was still loading.

How To Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues? (10 Easy Fixes)
How To Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues? (10 Easy Fixes)

Not to be defeated by a streaming app, I went online to see if there were any fixes. I compiled everything I discovered, including fixes and what Sling recommends, and created this guide to assist you in resolving loading issues with Sling TV. Check for service outages to resolve Sling TV loading issues. Clear the Sling TV app data and cache if there are no outages.

Sling TV may not function properly due to network or router issues. Furthermore, a faulty installation of the Sling TV application or your browser may result in the error in question. It was discovered that Sling TV does not load or only displays a splash screen. For some users, it loads but displays no channels (in some cases, the issue is with some channels).

Sling TV may become stuck/frozen while loading in some cases, or it may display a black screen. Almost all versions are affected (Desktop, iOS, Android, Roku, Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, and so on).

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Check the server status of Sling TV before proceeding with the solutions to fix Sling TV. Also, keep in mind that some Sling TV accounts only allow one login (such as the Sling Orange account), so make sure that is not the case with you. Restart your device as well as the networking equipment. If you’re using a streaming device, such as Roku, uninstall and then reinstall the problematic channel.

10 ways to Fix Sling TV Loading Issues


Loading issues can arise as a result of service outages. This happens when Sling’s servers become overloaded and are unable to respond to requests in a timely manner. Expect to see this at night, especially if a large event is taking place or if it is a holiday. If you believe there is a service outage, contact Sling and confirm this.

Unfortunately, service outages can only be resolved by Sling, and the best course of action is to wait until it is. This is why contacting Sling will be beneficial. They will tell you how long a repair will take so you can rest assured that the wait will not be interminable.


Check the device if you have the Air TV, which allows you to watch local TV with your Sling subscription. Examine the lights for any warning lights or if any of them are turned off. If you discover a problem with the box, unplug it from the wall and restart it. After about 30 seconds, plug it back in to complete the restart.


Because of a poor internet connection, your Sling TV stream may buffer or become stuck while loading. Examine your modem and router for any warning lights. Also, make sure that all of the lights that should be turned on during normal use are turned on.

Reboot the router if you believe there is a problem. A quick reboot is beneficial because it restores all temporary settings changes that may have contributed to the buffering problem.


If you have a dual-band router, it can connect to both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. The Wi-Fi band you are currently on may be causing problems for the device you are using to watch Sling TV. Change the Wi-Fi band in your router’s settings.

To accomplish this, first:

  1. Connect to your router.
  2. Navigate to Wireless Settings.
  3. If your router supports dual-band, a band setting will appear on the page.
  4. Change the band to something other than what it is now.
  5. Reboot the router.

Check to see if the stream is buffering or having loading problems.

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How To Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues?



Since the repeal of net neutrality laws by the federal government, internet service providers have begun to throttle internet speeds on rival streaming services in order to promote their own.

If your Sling TV isn’t loading and you’re not using DISH internet, it’s possible that your ISP is throttling your connection while you’re watching Sling TV. Contact your ISP and ask them if they’re throttling your connection. If they are, try to persuade them to remove the soft block.


If you’ve been using Wi-Fi all along and your ISP isn’t throttling your connection, try a wired connection. Connect the TV to the ethernet port if it has one. Make use of a high-quality cable, such as the DbillionDa Cat8 cable.

It has gold-plated end connectors for added durability and supports Gigabit speeds, which will help your internet connection stay ahead of the curve.


If using a wired connection didn’t work, try connecting your Sling device to the internet via mobile data. For TVs, activate the Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone and connect the TV to it as you would a regular Wi-Fi network.

However, keep in mind that phone plans are more expensive and restrictive than Wi-Fi, and you may be charged extra if your data usage exceeds the limits of your phone plan.


Loading problems can also be caused by your television or smartphone. Restart the device from which you are streaming Sling TV if it is experiencing loading problems. A restart can undo any temporary settings changes that occurred on your device and caused the loading problem.


The Sling TV app is known to have a few bugs and issues, and it’s possible that the loading problem was caused by a bug in the software. To begin, try logging out and back in, then restarting a stream. If it’s still loading, go to the app’s settings and clear the cache. To clear the cache of the Sling TV app on Android, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to the Apps section.
  3. Use the search feature to find the Sling TV app in the list.
  4. Select Sling TV.
  5. Storage on Tap
  6. Clear Data and Clear Cache are both options.
How To Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues?
How To Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues?

To clear the cache of the app on iOS:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  3. Choose “Offload App” from the Sling TV app.
  4. Confirm that the cache is cleared.

Also, keep an eye out for app updates. These include bug fixes, so the new update may have resolved your problem. If the problem persists, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store or Google Play.


If none of these troubleshooting steps resolve the loading problem, contacting Sling is the next best option. Inform them of the problem and the troubleshooting steps you’ve taken up to this point. If they believe the problem requires a more thorough solution, they will escalate it so that it can be addressed as soon as possible.

They may also offer you something in exchange for your trouble, such as a free monthly subscription or substantial discounts. All you have to do is talk to them and persuade them of the gravity of the situation.

CONCLUSION on Sling TV Loading Issues

Sling TV is an excellent option if you want to reduce your streaming spending or declutter your living space. To watch local channels, you’d still need a receiver. Fortunately, their Air TV box is as small as a modem and can fit in most minimalist living rooms.

You can even use a universal remote with an RF blaster to control both the device on which you are watching Sling TV and your audio equipment. Because a single remote can control almost everything, universal remotes help to declutter your home even more.

Streaming has undoubtedly become a part of our daily lives. Having streaming issues can be a real pain. We hope the methods for fixing the Sling TV app mentioned above were useful to you! Have fun streaming! Visit AndroidNature for more articles like this.

Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues
Troubleshoot Sling TV Loading Issues

FAQs on Sling TV Loading Issues

How do I get my Sling to work?

How do I access Sling TV? You must first subscribe to and create an account before installing the app on a supported device. Once you’ve installed the device and app, you’ll be able to sign in and begin watching from anywhere in the United States that has a stable internet connection, whether wired, Wi-Fi, or cellular data.

What’s the deal with my Sling account not working?

The majority of sign-in error codes are related to an incorrect email address or password. Check the information you entered again and try again. Additionally, if you’re having trouble logging in to My Account or the Sling app in a browser, try disabling any VPN or ad-blocking software you’re using.

Why is sling so glitchy?

It’s possible that you’re not seeing any content because of a problem with your network connection. Connect to another service provider, such as a different WiFi network or mobile data connection (if available). A strong WiFi network and a stable internet connection are required for the best Sling TV streaming experience.

Why isn’t Sling available on my Roku TV?

Sling TV issues on Roku can be resolved by checking for outages and restarting the Roku, modem/router, and app. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Sling TV app, updating it, and factory resetting your Roku device.

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