How To Easily Fix Netflix Autoplay Not Working? (Guide)

Begin at the very least by providing a brief overview of the service you are having difficulties with. But this time, we don’t think it’s necessary.

We are very sure that everyone in the world who owns a TV is fully aware of what Netflix is and what it does. After all, it is the service of its kind that is utilized the most frequently. Moreover, it is almost always dependable. It simply…works!

Netflix Autoplay Not Working
Netflix Autoplay Not Working

Netflix Autoplay Not Working some issues can occur when using this service with other devices. There is almost always a catch, even if it is a relatively minor one in this case. Having Netflix will save you the effort of wiring coaxial connections into your home and having to wait for your favorite episodes to be broadcast.

Of course, we’re referring to the problem where Netflix’s autoplay feature will suddenly stop working one day and refuse to come back. If you enjoy binge-watching several episodes of your favorite series on your days off, you could find this rather annoying.

Therefore, we chose to take a closer look to determine whether it was possible to restore this function to identify the root of the issue. You are at the right spot if this is the information you were looking for.

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  1. Verify the compatibility of the devices

The autoplay feature is designed to switch from one episode to the next after the previous one has concluded. Additionally, it will skip the frequently drawn-out subtitle sequence that appears at the end of each episode. However, as was already discussed content, some issues can arise when utilizing Netflix on some gadgets.

This is because some gadgets do not support Netflix, which is the only explanation. This does not imply that it won’t function at all, however. But, generally speaking, it will mean that you won’t get the variety of things you would typically enjoy.

My Netflix doesn’t automatically play the following episode; what gives?

Navigate to the “Playback settings” option in the “My Profile” menu. To disable “Auto Play,” uncheck the box labeled “Play next episode automatically.” Make sure you save your work by clicking the button.

The first thing that needs to be taken into account is that Netflix preview just isn’t supported by your device in android tv. However, we don’t anticipate you automatically knowing whether or not this is the case. All we can do is direct you to where you can find this information. All you have to do to accomplish this is visit Netflix’s official website.

A comprehensive list of all the devices on which autoplay is still available. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it if your gadget isn’t on that list.

We’re afraid there isn’t a “hack” that we are aware of to get around this problem. So the only real choices are to put up with it as a hassle or to use a different device to watch Netflix profile.

  1. Verify that the feature is turned on.

If you are using your browser to stream Netflix US, there is something you might not be aware of. The autoplay option is, by default, turned off when watching through your browser. Thus, this will likely cause an issue for more than a few of you.

This particular issue is relatively simple to resolve. You can turn it off from the taskbar while watching something by simply going there. This button you will need to click is generally situated in the bottom right corner, but not always. So, here is another option if you can’t find it there.

Verify that the feature is turned on.
Verify that the feature is turned on.

The first thing you will need to do is log into your account. You must then visit the account page. You can find all the information you need about your Netflix account on this page in media autoplay. You should select “profile” from the menu and “parental controls” from there in Netflix trailers.

You may access all of the user profiles you have created here, even though this isn’t typically where you would expect to find an option to enable autoplay.

It’s crucial to remember that any modifications smart home you make to one profile won’t affect the others at this time. You might need to take a little more time and go through each account individually if your goal is to turn on the feature for every account.

Back to the current problem. Look for the “playback settings” option when browsing your account details in the trailer. This tab will provide you access to a wide selection of options. For example, you can alter the video and audio settings and enable or disable the autoplay function in google chrome.

All you have to do is check the autoplay option, and you’re done! As soon as you turn it on, don’t forget to save all of your configuration changes.

Additionally, for any changes to take effect, you will probably need to restart both Netflix tips and the device you are using to watch it. Then, when you turn it on again, everything should function correctly.

  1. Log out and then re-login.

We have one more recommendation to try before you give up if none of the above solutions have yet proven successful. In particular, this is accurate if you just finished the second proposal and nothing has happened yet.

However, it can also occasionally function on its own. Sometimes, despite having been appropriately configured, the settings may not have yet been used for some reason. Oddly enough, this can still be the case even if you’ve already restarted everything. It’s strange, yet it may occur block audio.

Log out and then re-login.
Log out and then re-login.

So, as a workaround, we have one more straightforward idea. This time, you have to log out of your account and then log back in. However, in some circumstances, this still won’t work.

What should we do next, then? First, the Netflix App or browser’s cache can be cleared via the settings menu, which is the last item that could make a difference. Then, after a brief interval, the Netflix video will prompt you to sign in. This may be the solution to the issue for some people.

If not, we’re concerned that contacting Netflix customer service is the only sensible next step. They have a 24-hour live chat service that typically yields outcomes in the circumstances like this.

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Unfortunately, these are the only solutions to the issue that we could locate that worked. Beyond this, you’re probably facing a more severe problem that Netflix itself will have to resolve.

We know some of you will have discovered new, creative solutions to this issue.

If you are one of those folks, kindly share your method with us in the comments below. This will enable us to share your approach with our readers and, possibly, prevent some future hassles. Thanks!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an auto-play not working on Netflix?

On a tablet or Android. Select the user symbol from the Netflix profile home screen by navigating there. Next, select “Manage Profiles” from the menu. Navigate to the profile you want to change. The toggle for the “Autoplay Next Episode” option should be turned on.

Did Netflix disable autoplay?

At the moment, Netflix tweeted, “We’ve heard the comments loud and clear. Members may now select whether or not they receive autoplay previews on Netflix. In addition, if your binge-watching behavior has gotten out of hand, Netflix has made it possible to disable the automatic playback of upcoming episodes of shows.

How do you get Netflix to play episodes automatically?

Step 1: Open your Account page in a web browser. Step 2: Access the profile’s parental controls by opening the profile’s settings. Step 3: Next, modify the Playback preferences. Step 4: Select or deselect the option to have the following episode of a series automatically play on all devices.

How do I keep Netflix playing on my phone?

Tap the More button to access the Settings. Choose the Audio-Only feature next. Several options are available when you tap the button, including Always On, Off, Headphones, and External Speakers. On Android-powered smartphones, the Audio-Only option is accessible.

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