How To Troubleshoot Slow ATT Internet? (4 Easy Ways)

How To Troubleshoot Slow ATT Internet? Your current thought is presumably, “Why is AT&T’s Internet so Slow?” The truth is that occasionally the internet can be sluggish, which frequently causes problems for major internet users or enterprises.

Many people have questioned why AT&T’s internet is so slow and what they might be able to do about it. One of the local Bell Operating firms that departed the American Telephone and Telegram Company in 1983 was AT&T. 

How To Troubleshoot Slow AT&T Internet
How To Troubleshoot Slow AT&T Internet

The business provides high-speed internet at reasonable costs. Even while AT&T’s internet is highly reliable, there are times when the connection is agonizingly sluggish.

How To Troubleshoot Slow ATT Internet?

Ways to Quickly Repair Slow AT&T Internet

1. Perform a speed test on the Internet. Run a free internet speed test to obtain a detailed picture of your connection’s performance.
2. Close Extra Tabs and Remove Extraneous Devices.
3. Reboot Your Equipment.
4. Install a VPN.
5. Upgrading to a Better Package.

How To Troubleshoot Slow AT&T Internet? We will examine a few more ways to get to the core causes of bad network connectivity and offer readers helpful advice on resolving such difficulties.

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First, try resetting your router and unplugging additional devices to fix your slow AT&T Internet. Additionally, you might try connecting through ethernet, checking your computer for viruses, moving your router, updating your system drivers, turning off VPN services, and utilizing a Wi-Fi extender.


The internet speed range provided by AT&T Internet is 5 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. The location, time of day, and neighborhood all significantly impact the speed of AT&T’s internet.¬†

AT&T’s current standard download speed is 64.05 Mbps. The results of the impartial speed tests support this. It is obvious from this that sometimes download speeds can be even slower or faster.

Video How To Fix AT&T – No Internet, No Wifi, or Slow Speeds

No Internet, No Wifi, or Slow Speeds


Some of the more common causes of poor AT&T internet include router problems, running background programs, using low-performance devices, or picking an Internet package that is too slow to handle daily duties.

There is no denying that AT&T provides companies and homes throughout the nation with extremely fast internet. In addition to the assertions made on their website, numerous customers frequently express dissatisfaction with the service due to the slow internet.

The majority of consumers complain about their slow internet, while some criticize their slow upload and download rates. 

How To Troubleshoot Slow AT&T Internet

People have experienced issues with AT&T’s internet, but not due to any issues with AT&T as an ISP; rather, these issues are the result of unknown activities that are disrupting connectivity. So why is AT&T’s internet currently so slow?

1. There are too many active devices connected at once

Most of the time, the download speeds you have selected will permit a maximum number of connections. No more than five devices would require more than 50Mbps to function flawlessly. If more than the specified number of devices are connected, your internet speed will probably be extremely poor.

too many active devices connected at once
too many active devices connected at once

The connection of an excessive number of devices to the same Wi-Fi network is one of the most frequent causes of bad connectivity.

For instance, if a laptop and a mobile device are connected to a 4 Mbps network, the bandwidth will be shared equally across the two devices. Both the laptop and the mobile device will have 2 Mbps in this case. The performance of Wi-Fi is significantly lowered as a result.

To experience decent internet connectivity, especially when carrying out chores that require a lot of data, I strongly advise the reader to connect and use just one device at a time.

2. Bandwidth limitations imposed by the ISP

You may experience poor internet connections if AT&T imposes bandwidth limitations for an unknown cause. 

Bandwidth limitations imposed by the ISP
Bandwidth limitations imposed by the ISP

Once you’ve used all your monthly data allotment, the company could reduce your internet speeds. Only during peak hours, the full download and upload rates may be throttled to accommodate gamers and streaming services.

3. Your router is malfunctioning

Issues with your router can also impact the download and upload speeds of your internet connection. Only when the router and the wire are operating at their peak efficiency will a router connected by a wire be faster.

A malfunctioning router may be the cause of any sporadic internet disconnections your experience. To see if connectivity problems continue, I advise attaching a backup router.

A router malfunction may have caused the network issue if replacing the old router with a new one resolves the issue.

If you frequently experience issues with your router and have queries like “Does the Netgear Nighthawk work with AT&T?” If the question “Does Google Nest WiFi Work AT&T?” comes to mind, the answer is that it does.

4. Disruptions

Many individuals are unaware that nearby disturbances, like microwaves, might obstruct network transmissions. 

It is best to pass wires a few meters away from any devices that could potentially interfere with signal transmission. Wi-Fi interference from other networks is another typical problem.

5. Multitasking

If you’re multitasking, download and upload speeds might also shift. Internet connections can be slowed down by concurrent online gaming, video chatting, and video downloads.

I conducted my experiments by carrying out various operations on my home network and found that multitasking significantly worsens network congestion and slows down the internet speed.

I used my laptop for a variety of things, using one tab for YouTube (but not actually playing it) and another for downloading a sizable file from my email while also using my phone for video conversations.

It turned out that the lack of data caused my video call to be pixelated, but by unplugging the laptop and all of its activities from the network, I was able to remove the pixelation from my video conversation.


The next step is to take into consideration the actions described below to increase the speed after ruling out the possible causes of slow internet with AT&T service. Some of these actions will assist in fixing the issue or at the very least lower the number of devices utilizing the identical internet service.


1. Start the router again.

A router may begin to have problems as a result of overheating or other problems. Because of this, occasionally restarting it will lower the likelihood of a problem and increase AT&T’s internet speed.

2. Stay away from usual obstacles

A few meters should separate the router and wiring from typical impediments like microwaves. Always turn off and secure your Wi-Fi connection if there are other Wi-Fi signals. 

The Wi-Fi device should be close to the modem as well. If not, you’ll likely experience poor connectivity due to the gateway’s distance. To reduce interference, the modem should also be put in the house’s farthest corner.


Sometimes we cannot understand the reasons for slow internet. One of the prominent causes of terribly sluggish internet connections is outage and downtime. It is the main cause of these connectivity problems.

Most often, the outage occurs unexpectedly, and neither the supplier nor the customer has any influence over this. However, there are a few causes for outages and downtimes, including:

  • The system failed
  • Cyberattacks
  • Infrastructure Crash
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Communication cable failure, etc.

Always ask your neighbors who are using the same internet service before assuming that AT&T has throttled your connection. Check your AT&T account to see if there have been any changes in outages in your neighborhood. Finally, some third-party websites constantly inform Internet users of any outages or downtime that are currently occurring.

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Before calling the provider whenever your AT&T internet is slow, try to identify the root of the issue. Overall, it’s a problem that can be fixed. As was already noted, the recommendations are tried-and-true techniques that can be applied whenever you experience frustrating Wi-Fi access at home.

Additionally, the techniques for resolving a slow internet connection are simple and don’t require any prior understanding of computers, networks, or internet topology. However, I also want to warn you about cyberattacks and hackers who might break into your network and steal your data.

To protect the user from harmful activity, AT&T may restrict data or block specific ports, which will result in poor internet speeds for an extended period. 

Installing the AT&T mobile app will allow you to easily monitor and improve your home internet and Wi-Fi. When you reset your router, all of your settings will be lost, and it will go back to its default settings, so you will need to configure it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the ATT internet so slow in my area?

This is known as network congestion, and to keep everyone connected, we might have to reduce your internet speed. on an unlimited plan? If our network is congested, we have the right to momentarily reduce your speed. After you consume more than 50GB or 22GB of data in a single billing period, we might also slow it down.

Why is my internet so slow all of a sudden in 2021?

An outdated router or a less-than-ideal position for the router may be to blame for your frustratingly poor internet speeds. You may only need to restart your modem and router or upgrade to a mesh network to solve your connection problems.

Why is my Wi-Fi so slow all of a sudden in 2022?

The most common causes of slow WiFi are nearby old devices and interference from other WiFi networks. Additionally strongly absorbing WiFi radio waves are solid metal items and concrete walls, which results in an even weaker signal. It only takes moving your router and switching channels to fix this.

Why is AT&T 5g so slow?

Numerous towers are undergoing maintenance when looking at the zip codes 85296 and 85142. Slower data rates may arise from network congestion on the nearby towers as a result of this.


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