Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working (Guide)

If you enjoy the novelty of a great plot line for a movie or show, but prefer factual programs that delve deeper into history, you may have Discovery Plus on your Samsung TV. What can you do if Discovery Plus stops working?

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working
Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working

If Discovery Plus isn’t working on your Samsung TV, try a power reset, make sure your Vizio TV is Discovery Plus compatible, reset the modem or router, turn the TV off and back on, check your internet speed, and make sure there aren’t any widespread issues with Discovery Plus, among other things.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working , discovery Plus is a streaming service that provides content that is distinct from that of its competitors. Subscribers to Discovery Plus have access to a wide range of shows, documentaries, and other content that focuses primarily on factual programming. This allows those who are interested in history or reality to access more relevant content. Continue reading if Discovery Plus is not working on your Samsung TV.

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Discovery Plus Doesn’t Work


With the Smart Hub, you should be able to download and install various applications that can be tailored to your viewing needs and preferences if you own a Samsung TV. Many Samsung owners use this feature to subscribe to and download the Discovery Plus app. They can enjoy the content that is more focused on facts and reality through this app, but what happens when Discovery Plus stops working?

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working

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If Discovery Plus is not working on your Samsung TV, try performing a quick power reset. To do this, unplug your hulu live TV from the power outlet and leave it for 60 seconds. You will then plug it back in an attempt to use the Discovery Plus app on your google TV once more.

Can you tell me why I am unable to access Discovery Plus on my home theater system?

There might be an update available for your gadget. Make sure you have the most recent version of the web player and that your operating system is up to date. There could be a new version of the app, or an OS or firmware upgrade for your phone or streaming device. If you need assistance, call your ISP.

After performing a power reset on your Samsung TV, if Discovery Plus is still not working, you may need to clear the Discovery Plus app’s cache. To do so, use the remote to navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘System Apps> ‘Discovery Plus’ > ‘Clear Cache’ > ‘Ok.’ The cache will be cleared once you click ‘Ok.’ When finished, exit the app and reopen it to see if it is still working.

Try restarting the Smart Hub after you’ve cleared the cache and resetting your TV. To do so, use your remote control’s ‘Home’ button to navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Support’ > ‘Self Diagnosis’ > ‘Reset Smart Hub.’ Following completion of these steps, the Smart Hub will begin to reset, which may resolve any minor issues that Discovery Plus was previously experiencing, causing the app to not function properly.


When using the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV, you would expect to be able to search for and download almost any app. Although this is true for some models, app available on other Samsung TVs may be more limited, which means that when you search for a specific app, you may not be able to find it as an available download within the Smart Hub. Look below if you can’t find Discovery Plus on your Samsung TV.


If Discovery Plus does not appear, is not available, or cannot be found on your Samsung TV, check the model number. If the model is from 2016 or earlier, it does not support the application from the Smart Hub and thus cannot be found.

You should be able to find the model code and a serial number of your Samsung TV investigation discovery on the right side of the TV itself. If you can’t find the numbers there, look on the back of the TV. Once you’ve discovered these numbers, you can look up the model to see what year it was made. If your TV is 2017 or newer, it is compatible with Discovery Plus; however, if it is older than 2017, you will be unable to download the app to your Roku TV.

If you are unable to download the application to your TV, you may be wondering if there is any way to access the app while still owning a Samsung TV. Fortunately, there are other streaming products that can simply be connected to your TV and then downloaded Discovery Plus via their own system. These products include Roku, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TV, all of which can run the Discovery Plus app.


You might not be having trouble finding the Discovery Plus application because you have a new enough model that supports it or a device prime video that allows it to be installed. However, even if you have no trouble finding the app, you may encounter some resistance when attempting to download and install Discovery Plus. If Discovery Plus will not download or install on your Samsung TV, continue reading for a solution.

If a Discovery Plus subscription will not download or install on your Samsung TV, the problem may be with your network. To fix this, unplug your modem or router from the power outlet and leave it unplugged for 60 seconds. Once passed, reconnect it and let it reset.

After the router has been completely reset, you can restart your TV and try again to download and install Discovery Plus. This reset will often clear up any network congestion that may have occurred temporarily within your network. If the reset does not solve the problem, make sure your router is close enough to the Vizio smart TV fix discovery to emit a strong enough signal for such downloads. Too much space or material can cause connection issues.

If you suspect that the distance between the router and your television is the problem, try moving the router closer to your television. Avoid putting it in a room with multiple walls that will obstruct the signal, as thick walls can be a major issue for TVs trying to pick up a strong enough signal to download an app from the internet. Allow the router to completely restart after you’ve moved it before attempting to download the app again.

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Once you’ve found the Discovery Plus app on your Samsung TV and successfully downloaded and installed it, the next event should be the app loading and opening. It may take a few seconds for the app to load before you see to download Discovery Plus home screen for some users. What can you do, however, if you find that when you click on the live tv app, the loading page does not budge and the app refuses to open?


If the Discovery Plus app does not load or open on your Samsung TV, turn it off and on again. Allow the TV to sit for 30 seconds or so before navigating back to the app. This can occasionally resolve temporary network or application issues.

If you turn your TV on and off again and the app still does not load or open, you may need to reset your network. Refer to the previous section, “Samsung TV Discovery Plus Won’t Download/Install,” for instructions on how to do this with a modem or router. Allow your modem or router plenty of time to reboot before attempting to open the sling tv app again, as attempting too soon will result in the network being disconnected and the app not opening.

Even after you’ve reset your network, the Discovery Plus app on your Samsung TV may still not open. If this is the case, you may need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Press ‘Home’ > ‘Apps’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Discovery Plus’ > ‘Delete’ to do so. To reinstall the app after it has been deleted, go to ‘Home’ > ‘Apps’ > click the ‘Search’ icon > type ‘Discovery Plus’ > ‘Install’ > enter your username and password.


You’ve finally found, downloaded, installed, loaded, and opened the Discovery Plus app, and you’re ready to start watching your favorite show. However, after all of your efforts, you discover that the show will not play. You repeatedly press the play button, but the screen remains motionless, leaving you with nothing to watch. Is there a way to fix the problem if Discovery Plus won’t play on your Samsung TV?

If Discovery Plus does not play on your Samsung TV, make sure you have an internet connection that can support the Discovery Plus content. Because the recommended internet speed is 1.5 Mbps, video playback issues may occur if your internet speed is lower than this.

Discovery Plus recommends that all SD quality videos have an internet speed of 2.5 Mbps and all HD quality videos have a speed of 4 Mbps, in addition to the recommended 1.5 Mbps. Depending on the type of video you want to watch, you must ensure that your internet can support the content being streamed to your TV screen.

Simply find a speed test online and run it to see how fast your internet is. When it’s finished, you’ll know how fast your internet is and can decide what to do next. If the Mbps speed is adequate but the videos are still not playing properly, it may be necessary to connect to your TV shows via a wired connection. This frequently provides a more stable connection, which means fewer issues loading and playing content from downloaded apps.



If you have an outdated version of the discovery plus app or an outdated software version of the Samsung smart tv firmware, you should update the Samsung smart tv firmware. Most of the time, outdated software will result in discovery as well as a failure to function.


Why is my Samsung TV’s TV Plus not working?

If your TV’s date and time settings are incorrect, the Samsung TV Plus may not function properly. In this case, changing the date/time settings on your television may solve the problem. Go to the General tab on your Samsung TV’s Settings menu. Then, verify that the Samsung TV Plus is operational.

Is Discovery Plus compatible with Samsung TV?

Discovery+ is a streaming service that allows you to watch the Discovery Channel’s extensive library of shows and channels! Popular channels include Food Network, TLC, OWN, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and many more. The app is now available on Samsung smart TVs (2017 and later) that are compatible!

Why am I unable to access Discovery Plus?

Clear the cache in the app or browser. Clear the app cache if you’re using the Discovery Plus app and your device supports it. You can clear the browser cache of the web browser you’re using instead if you’re using the web player. Install the Discovery Plus app again.

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