How To Program Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes? (Easy Guide)

It can be aggravating to have to use multiple remote controls to activate your entertainment equipment. Selecting which to use is a waste of your valuable time and energy.

Here’s how to connect your devices, including your Yamaha receiver, using a TV or universal remote control.

How To Program Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes?


The remote codes for your Yamaha receiver can be located in the manual. Using the ADVANCED SETUP menu, the ID of each remote control can be set for each receiver. To alter the ID of the remote control, press the Code Set button on the Yamaha remote, then press the Source/Receiver button and enter the desired code using the numeric pad. It is also possible to program TV remote control codes into the Yamaha receiver using the input button and numeric controls.


Codes are keys and tools that perform all the necessary programming, resulting in a universal command across your home’s entertainment devices and equipment. These Yamaha receiver codes are intended to work with TV or universal remote controls.

Remember that the codes must be correctly encoded to avoid step repetition. Once you’ve completed this task, you can control your devices more easily. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to programming your Yamaha receiver.

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  • Gather all the codes you’ll need to avoid interruptions later on. Navigate through the list and make a note of the ones you’ll be using. You’ll save time because you won’t have to navigate through the list in the middle of the process and can provide the codes when asked.
  • Turn on the devices you want to connect to the remote. Your Yamaha Receiver, in this case. Aside from that, make sure your remote control has working batteries so it can function properly throughout the process.
  • Press the DTV/Cbl button on your remote while pointing it at your AV device.
  • Hold down the AV button in the direction of your television. Make sure you’re close enough to the device for it to immediately establish a signal connection. To program a receiver device, press and hold the AV and DVD buttons simultaneously for at least five seconds.
  • This is the time to enter the code from the provided list that corresponds to the specific device type. When the code is correctly entered, the screen will automatically prompt “Remote Set Up OK.”
  • Test some buttons to see if the remote has successfully synced with the device. Begin by pressing the power button. If it responds to the command, turning on and off, the remote has been programmed. However, to further validate its accuracy, try other buttons such as volume, channel, and others to see if they work.
Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes Programming

If some buttons do not function, the remote is not correctly programmed. In that case, you’ll have to start with a different code. Don’t be concerned; this is entirely normal. That is why multiple codes are provided, as there is a good chance that some of them will not work on your end.


Yamaha One of the greatest ways to control your TV and other gadgets is via universal remote codes. You must adhere to the appropriate programming for it. Therefore, let’s begin the procedure.

  • 2455 1376
  • 2471 0176
  • 2467 0376
  • 1815 2061
  • 1276 1375
  • 1331 1476
  • 1176
Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes List


  • 848 769 712
  • 760 665 802
  • 585 761 846
  • 758 849 768
  • 838 847 840
  • 713 841 644
  • 721 724 801
  • 766 633 767


  • 0847 0846 0849
  • 0841 0724 0665
  • 0801 0767 0848
  • 0838 0713 0840
  • 0712 0802


  • 31176 32467
  • 31276 30186
  • 31331 31948
  • 32471 32061
  • 31815 30176
  • 33333 30354
  • 32021 32458
  • 31947 30376


The first method is to use a keycode. You can program the universal remote to communicate with your Yamaha by entering the correct code. The keycode identifies the brand and model of your device.

  1. The Yamaha that needs to be configured must be turned on first.
  2. Then, on your Universal Remote, press the TV button.
  3. Then, we must press and hold the SETUP button on the Universal Remote until we see a light blink. Now enter the code, which you can find on this page or in the instructions for the device you want to set up. (Achieving this indicates that the universal remote has entered the Learning mode.)
  4. After entering the code, point the universal remote controller at the Yamaha and press and hold the power button.
  5. Once the screen has turned off, you can release the power button.

If you followed the instructions correctly, your Yamaha should now work with the universal remote. If your Yamaha isn’t working, try a different code and repeat the procedures.

Program Universal Remote To Yamaha


The keycode allows you to easily program the universal remote while also identifying the make and model of your equipment.

  1. To begin, “Turn On The Gadget.”
  2. Select “TV” on your Yamaha universal remote.
  3. If you hold down the “Setup” button until it enters “learning mode,” a flashing light will appear.
  4. Finally, enter the “Keycode” that you obtained from the programming guide.
  5. After completing this step, simply “aim your remote at the TV” and then “Press and Hold The Power” button.
  6. When the screen dims, press and hold the “Power Button.”

After that, your TV will work flawlessly with the universal remote control. If your device still does not work, try again with a different code from the same section of the reference table.


Assume you were unable to locate a working Yamaha code. In that case, you could try another method to correctly configure your universal remote. That method employs the universal remote search feature to locate the correct code.

Programming Yamaha Receiver Remote Codes
  1. The Yamaha you want to manage must be turned on first. (Please keep the remote control pointed at the component throughout the process.)
  2. For a few seconds, hold down the CODE SEARCH button on the universal remote. Release the CODE SEARCH button after turning on the indicator light.
  3. The device button for the type of device you want to control with the universal remote control should then be pressed and released.
  4. The indicator light will remain illuminated for the duration of the operation after it blinks once.
  5. While pointing the remote control toward the Yamaha, press the POWER ON/OFF button.
  6. As soon as the Yamaha turns off, press and release the ENTER button.
  7. If the ENTER button is not pressed within three seconds, the remote control will send the next code on the list, and you will have to restart from Step 2.

If you followed the instructions correctly, your Yamaha should be compatible with the universal remote right away. When you discover a functional code using the provided technique, you can use the code retrieval feature to determine the code for your device.


To summarize, configuring a Yamaha remote control is a simple task that can be completed quickly and easily. Our list of universal remote codes is extensive. We’ve also walked you through each of the different ways to program your universal remote.


How do I program my Yamaha receiver’s remote?

On the Yamaha remote control, press the ‘Code Set’ button. On the Yamaha remote control, press the ‘Source/Receiver’ button. Using the number key pad on the Yamaha remote control, enter the desired ID code.

What is the Yamaha receiver directv remote code?

Yamaha equipment is identified by a code, specifically 30176. When I enter this code into the RC73, the RC73 LED blinks a long red after the last digit.

Can my Yamaha receiver’s remote control operate my television?

If you have registered the unit’s remote control code, you can use it to operate a TV. You can also assign your TV’s remote control code to the input selection keys on the unit.

How do I link my infrared remote to my receiver?

Place the IR receiver on the breadboard, each pin on its own line, so that they are not connected to each other. Connect the GND pin of the IR receiver to one of the Arduino’s GND pins. Connect the IR receiver’s Vcc or power pin to the Arduino’s 5V pin.

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